Blame it on the hormones

Blame it on the hormones

Suffering from sudden mood swings, impulsive behavior, depression, tediousness, fatigue, getting easily exasperated, anxiety attacks, reduced cognitive ability, aggressive behavior, bad temper, sleep disorders and food cravings?

The best and worst thing about having a womb is that the previously mentioned traits come with it. That’s your share of misery. But Ladies,‘If you’ve got the temerity to be biological, then you’re also going to have to suffer the psychological.’

The link betwixt female hormones and their mental well-being is a treacherous road to trod on for every woman as they are in no control of their emotions. One minute she is throwing things at you, the next she is giggling at something she remembers, and suddenly you are watching her cry a puddle. Anything you say can be used against you!

Blame it on the hormones!

As Gloria Steinem argued in If Men Could Menstruate, if men menstruated instead of women, “Doctors would research little about heart attacks, from which men would be hormonally protected, but everything about cramps.”

Woman are not the second sex. Time, attention and not to miss out, money too, should be spent on researching ways to tackle the persistent flow of diverse emotions. Women are not mentally inferior or unsound. Sure, they lose their minds from time to time. But a little concern regarding our mental health would relieve us of a lot of stress.

“Women are not biologically inferior because hormones affect our mental health. But Jesus Christ, it would be nice to have that mental health taken seriously once in a while.”