Most of us invest on a good haircut on a regular basis. We let the stylist style our hair and it makes you feel marvelous on the day you get the haircut. But, the day after that when you wash your hair, it is back to being just a haircut on your normal looking hair. How does one get back to making it feel soft and fluffy the day you got the haircut? The answer to that is simple. You need to style your hair yourself in the comfort of your home.

The options one has are simple. One can choose to curl, blow dry or straighten one’s hair. But, how does one choose between a blow dry and a straightener when the results are so similar?


This little guide will help you make that decision. Whether to blow dry one’s hair or to straighten it.

First things first, when choosing a hairdryer one needs to make that decision carefully. Go by the power of the hairdryer because, that will define how much time you will be spending drying your hair. With most women working nowadays, no one has half an hour every day to just stand in front of the mirror and blow dry one’s hair. Most salons use blow-dryers with the power of 2000 watts and upwards.


The fundamental difference between a hair dryer and a straightener is that a blow dryer uses hot air to dry your hair, while a straightening iron will use heat coils to deliver the heat to your hair through ceramic layers.


Hair dryer may leave your hair looking dry, while an iron will definitely make your hair look shinier. Do not forget to apply a serum on your hair before choosing either option though, as that will damage your hair.


Hair dryers give hair better structure and that holds on for a longer time while the irons help you break down the structure and you can use an iron to even curl your hair. Depending on what look you want you can choose your device.


A hair dryer comes with a lot of attachments which help you change the look of your hair easily, while the iron does not come with any attachments and is used to simply straighten one’s hair.


Blow dried hair is great for a normal day out with your friends but, an iron can help you give your hair a much sleeker and shinier look which is great for parties and festivals.


While your hair may be resilient to most types of damages, blow drying your hair over a long period of time using intense heat can cause it to become really dry and break down. On the other hand using an iron can cause split ends, frizz and generally decrease the quality of your hair.


Choosing whether to blow dry or straighten will depend completely on the look you are going for but, overall both products are great and will help you style your hair for a chic look.


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