Body changes in the 40s


Are you entering your 40s? If yes, then these are the body changes you need to be cautious of.

Women who are in their 40s or the ones approaching 40s often wonder why their bodies are changing suddenly despite no changes in their regular lifestyle. Well! This is because women’s bodies are subject to changes every decade and as a result, their nutritional needs also change. It is vital to tweak the eating habits and diets accordingly.

What you normally eat in your twenties cannot be eaten at 40s as your body will definitely throw up reactions that are unfavorable for you. If you are in your 40s then you have to be really careful about your diet and your nutrition system.  You will have to make significant changes and take care of things like what’s on your plate, portion eating and the time that you eat. If you do not give ample attention to these changes, then your bodies will experience modifications that you don’t wish for.

The BoneWell-being

Body changes in the 40s

Bone density becomes a matter of great concern for women in 40s. The body becomes essentially in need of bioavailable calcium as the body becomes a gluttonous calcium burner in 40s. Post 40s, a woman’s body absorbs less calcium but uses more. One should add green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, chick peas, tofu and yoghurt in their diets. Also, exercising can ominously help, exercises such as jogging, walking, resistance training etc. One must note that nor is milk a very good form of bioavailable calcium neither is calcium supplements.

The Unfriendly Weight Gain

Body changes in the 40s

Women approaching their 40s often wonder why they are gaining weight suddenly. The main reason is because at this point in their lives they are entering the ‘pre-menopausal’ phase. In this phase, the body produces lesser oestrogen than it should, leading to different mechanism of fat metabolism in the body. There is a hormonal imbalance in the body and due to this, the body has to face fat gain (especially around the belly), bloating, water retention, mood swings, joint pain and nutritional deficiency. Women experiencing this change should keenly shift to a plant-based diet that incorporates lots of pulses, whole grains, dal and sprouts.

The Gastro Scuffle

By 40’s a human being reaches his/her midlife and food sensitivities become very common. Women in their 40s will see that they suddenly become lactose intolerant. The intolerance with wheat and dairy products will be a little surprising but that is because your body is more rapidly changing that you think. Your bodies will witness changes in digestion, fluctuations in ovarian hormones and lethargic intestines. You must observe and figure out your food insensitivities and eat in view of that. You should avoid trans food, packed items as they are highly processed and cause irreparable harm.  Try taking your dinners early, in between 7-8pm. Drinking herbal teas and including jeera, mint, lemon, ajwain, pepper, turmeric in your food can work wonders for you!

Women in their 40s require a different nutritional approach to accommodate the substantial changes that happen in their bodies during the course of time. Therefore, adhering to the above-mentioned things is a must for women in this age.



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