Bold responses to the short skirt ban!

Bold responses to the short skirt ban!

After the declaration of the new rule that women are not to wear short skirts to discotheques, that ‘scantily dressed’ women or any kind of ‘indecency’ will result in the shut-down of pubs and bars, went viral over the internet, the public decided to post their reactions online.

They decided to take out their irritation and frustration on Twitter:

However, the Union Territory – Home Secretary – Anurag Agarwal has denied this report.

He has reported that the piece of news has been twisted to give a misleading or false account of the policy by hand-picking words and phrases from various portions of the policy, ‘and have tried to create sensational news.’

Nevertheless, the news was made, and after the policy had been passed, it went viral.

Here is what our Twitter audience had to say:

@NiteshNavkar tweeted to @KirronKherBJP

‘Banning shorts from discotheques is like banning sarees from temples.’

While some people demand the ban to fall on men too – that they should not be allowed to wear boxers/shorts if women are not allowed to wear short skirts – the others wittily indicated that the ban is on short skirts and NOT on shorts. So, the women in Chandigarh can now start wearing shorts instead of skirts.

@ranjona pointed out the plight of the society very accurately saying that –

‘Drugs are being unlawfully consumed, substances abused, and there is also the problem of drought which is leading to resentful farmers and disputes over water. ‘But you know what the real problem is, right? Girls in miniskirts.’

To this statement, @RichardFoxYoung replied with a picture and a question asking,

Bold responses to the short skirt ban!

‘How about guys in mini-shorts, will they be banned from the discotheques of Chandigarh?’

While the @thecrazysim put forth the question that if only short skirts are banned, women are supposed to be allowed to wear other short clothes or revealing dresses,
@That_Desi_Girl has already announced that she is not going to conform! She has declared an act of defiance to this brand new policy where she requests her female friends to ‘dig out your shortest skirts/shorts this Sunday & reclaim public spaces -not just in Chandigarh- but in entire India.’

It’s a great to see such a large number of overwhelming responses not only from the people of Chandigarh but also the rest of the world – Rising their voices fearlessly against the atrocities and unfair treatment towards women.



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