Bollywood movies – funny unknown mistakes

Bollywood movies – funny unknown mistakes

Bollywood provide us with unlimited fun through its movies but do you know that there is more hidden fun beyond the stories? Though the whole team works day and night to make a movie realistic, some mistakes or Bollywood bloopers are inevitable. Here, I bring to you some funny mistakes of Bollywood movies that went unnoticed.




Baghban: Bollywood movie Baghban won many praises for very sensitively portraying the story of an elderly couple and how the children of new age don’t respect their parents and make their life a living hell. Though the story was built very interestingly, the writer forgot a very important thing while showcasing the romance between the elderly couple. Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini were separated by the children for six months and this happened just after the festival of Holi that usually falls in the month of March. The movie shows Valentine’s Day celebration during their separation. Valentine’s Day falls on 14th of February and in no way it can occur within six month after Holi. Isn’t this funny?

Bazigar: Who can forget those revengeful eyes of the Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan? He played the role of a merciless revenger and a passionate lover in disguise so well but little did he know that a scene of the movie will become one of the biggest bloopers of Bollywood. Do you remember the scene when Shahrukh Khan killed Shilpa Shetty by throwing her off the terrace of a multi-storey building? Shilpa was shown falling on the glass roof which broke and she fell down dead. Few minutes after this, Shahrukh is seen leaving the building and the glass roof is all there in a good state. How did Shilpa manage to fall down then?

Sarfarosh: Another very popular Bollywood movie which made me think, if time machine for going into past exists. During the song ‘Jo Haal Dil Ka’ a little girl gives Amir Khan, a red rose which is fully blossomed. After some time, it changes into a red rose bud. This is really weird. If the bud had changed into a blossomed rose, I would have given it a second thought.

Lagaan: This Bollywood movie went to Oscars. Indeed something to be proud of being an Indian but how did the makers overlooked such a big mistake? The movie is set in 1892 and during the cricket match the players are shown playing six balls per over which should be eight balls per over as six balls per over was introduced somewhere around 1982-83.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan sings the famous song ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ from mvie ‘Ghulam’. During this the film shows the year 1991 while Ghulam was released in 1998.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge: One of the biggest super hits of Indian Cinema DDLJ is also not free from mistakes. The second half of the movie is set in Punjab. During the last seen when Shahrukh fights with Parmeet Sethi and others on the railway station of Punjab, the sign board in the background shows it as station ‘Apta’. The board is clearly visible several times including the moment when Shahrukh is in the train and everyone else is standing on the platform. ‘Apta’ is around 700 Kilometres away from Punjab and is situated near Mumbai.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam: The second half of the movie shows a bridge several times. Aishwarya is seen running on the same bridge in the last seen of the movie when he decides to leave Salman Khan and go back to Ajay Devgan. This is the very famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge located in Hungary. How did Aishwarya manage to run on a bridge of Hungary when she went to Italy in search of Salman Khan?

Housefull: I am sure you laughed loudly along with all the actors in the last scene of this movie. The last scene shows the actors inside Buckingham Palace in London, laughing uncontrollably due to the effect of the laughing gas. But I bet you will laugh more when you will know that the gas that arrived in the tempo during the scene had a mark as KA-51 (Karnataka Gas). Gas suppliers from Karnataka are really famous in London!

I know, the next time you watch these movies; you will enjoy the hidden mistakes and share it with your friends too! See you in next post.

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