Bollywood’s Beauty Secrets – Basics

Do you want to have radiant skin like Katrina Kaif? Or beautiful, healthy hair like Deepika Padukone? These are the essential beauty secrets of your Bollywood stars.


Daily skin care is very important for gentle, radiant skin. So remove your make-up every day before you going to sleep. Use some creamy cleanser to wash your face and clean it from all make-up remains and all deposits your skin is confronted with during the day. Afterwards, take a nurturing toner to clean and attend your facial skin. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer afterwards and also in the morning.


Bollywood’s Beauty Secrets - Basics

Once a week use an exfoliation to peel off dead skin cells from your face to reveal smooth and healthy skin from underneath. Afterwards you should apply a facial mask containing moisturizing ingredients. If you do not want to take chemical products you can apply a mixture of milk and yoghourt for moisturizing the skin, cucumber for skin problems and gram flour for cleansing. The former Miss India, Aishwarya Rai, believes in these natural ingredients.


It is important that you have the right products for your skin type (oily, dry, sensible) if you use chemical once. Your face cream for the morning should contain a sun protection factor to protect the cells from sun exposure. In the evening it can be a more extensive moisturizer or aroma oils, Hema Malini swear by.


Bollywood’s Beauty Secrets - Basics

Katrina Kaif’s secret for her radiant skin is mineral mud mask which combats skin troubles from excessive facial oil, blemishes and acne.

Body skin care: The care of your body skin differs not so much from your facial skin care. Twice a week use a dry brush to scrub your entire body before stepping into the shower. This encourages your blood flow and makes your skin radiant and soft.

As for your face also apply an exfoliation once a week on your body, especially on the dry skin of your knees and elbows to make it soft. You can mix salt, sugar and olive oil for your self-made exfoliation scrub. The salt and sugar peels off the dead skin cells and the olive oil moisturize your skin so much that you do not have to put on some lotion when you step out of the shower.

You can also make your own shower crème like Katrina Kaif. To remove toxins, she uses a naturally prepared lotion of honey, lemon and hot water to apply on her body. Hair care To have strong and healthy hair you should cut the damaged spires of your hair every six to eight weeks.

Most of the Bollywood actresses keep their hair about four to five inches past shoulder length. If your hair is pretty dry just wash it once or twice a week, if it is very oily every one or two days.


Bollywood’s Beauty Secrets - Basics

Chitrangada Singh’s secret for healthy hair is to dry her hair just with a towel instead of using a hair dryer, especially if your hair is lifeless by nature you should take the towel alternative as often as possible.

Another top tip Bollywood beauties like Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada rely on is massaging your hair with coconut oil once a week for a beautiful shining appearance.


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