6 Ways to bond with your baby

6 Ways to bond with your baby

The littlest feet make the biggest footprint in our hearts

A child is the best thing in the world. Without him/her, marriage loses its essence and with it; love has no boundaries. The exhilarating feeling that comes to a mother when she holds her child is something only a mother can understand. Ask your mom when was the happiest time of her life and she will tell you unflinching, it was when you were born.

But, when you caress the soft skin of your baby and sing lullabies for her, you acknowledge the responsibilities that comes along. Though they are a bliss in itself, you want to ensure that you love your baby to the fullest, protect her from all evil and look after her like a princess.

Bonding with your baby comes quite naturally, and there is no explaining why babies are attached to their moms. From changing diapers to holding a child’s delicate fingers, parenting is a blessing in disguise. So if you are still worried that you can not be the best mom or the best dad as your baby grows up, here are ways you can establish a loving bond with your baby.

  • Hold your child

6 Ways to bond with your baby

Holding your baby builds trust, psychotherapists say. Your parenting goal should be to get attached to your child and vice versa. This can only be done with skin to skin touches, gazing into her deep eyes or simply holding her. Your baby will eventually recognise your scent, your touch and your warmth. Ultimately, she will recognise you.

  • Make her laugh

6 Ways to bond with your baby

When it’s about a baby you have given birth to, nothing feels ugly. Making your baby laugh will naturally create a positive bond between the two of you. When your child seems irritated, making her laugh and looking at her enjoying will not only warm your heart but your baby’s too. Make funny faces, tickle her delicately, frown, pout, do things that make her laugh melodiously!

  • Lull her to sleep

6 Ways to bond with your baby

Every parent lulls her baby to sleep by singing a nursery rhyme. While your baby is finding ways to comfort herself, you can make the moment enjoyable for her by rocking her and singing a soft lullaby. No matter how bad a singer you are, your baby will recognise your voice and take comfort in it.

  • Bathe her

6 Ways to bond with your baby

Bathing a baby is one of the most significant moments to establish a bond with your baby. As you splish, splash and whoosh her, you are fulfilling her needs; you are caring for her. A baby can sense these gestures. Whenever possible, caring for her needs such as feeding, changing the diaper, etc. will fill you with a sense of satisfaction. These intimate moments are crucial in building a lifelong bond.

  • Talk to her

6 Ways to bond with your baby

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Take advantage of the chances you get to connect with your baby. Though tiny, babies recognise the voices that surround them and are most comfortable in the ones they hear the most. Continue the chatter, tell her how pretty she is, tell her about the trees, the birds and the fishes in the ocean. It will build the bond between your baby and you.

  • Be there, always

6 Ways to bond with your baby

Babies build a connection with the person who is always by their side. Be the first one to pick her up and soothe her when she is angry, sad, tearful or fussy. Wipe her tears and calm her down. It will strengthen your connection.

A mother knows her baby best. She may have techniques different from these to connect to her child, and only she knows what her baby likes or dislikes, what makes her laugh, what makes her upset, etc. She is a piece of heaven bestowed on the earth.

How do you bond with your baby? Your suggestions are welcome.

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