Boost Your Self-Confidence and Increase Your Femininity Every Day

Women have held their own brand of power throughout history. Famous, strong women grace the paintings, statues, and literature we adore so much. Yet, at the same time, modern women have lower confidence than ever before.

We’re in the middle of a body image crises. In the 2016 Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, it’s clear that women have a declining view of their own bodies. Across 13 countries, 85% of women and 79% of girls admit to opting out of life activities because they don’t feel good about how they look. Today, more women and younger girls need to take the time to reflect on these feelings and find new ways to boost their feminine confidence.

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Wear Bold Clothes

When you feel bad about your body, you often want to hide it. You’re ashamed of the way you look, and your only goal is to take attention away from your so-called “flaws.” In reality, when you bring in bold clothes in exciting colors, you gain confidence.


One obvious example is the color red. Red has always been associated with feminine, positive energy. It excites our feelings and emotions and triggers ambition. Researchers at the University of Manchester even discovered that red lipstick has a profound impact on attractiveness.


While that doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your clothes and makeup that don’t have red hues, it does mean you should add some color to your wardrobe. Check the offer here to explore fun and sexy red costumes.

Practice Self-Care

Today, self-care is marketed as a luxury only certain types of women can afford. Maybe you think you don’t deserve it or that there are not enough hours in the day. No matter what you’ve thought about self-care in the past, now is the time to embrace it into your life.

You want others to treat you with respect. Start today by treating yourself with respect. When we feel tired and burnt out, that starts to impact the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies. You deserve to devote time to your own self-care, whether that means taking a warm bath once a week or finding itme to yourself.

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Stop the Comparisons

For women, poor self-confidence starts young. We’re told we aren’t pretty enough or not feminine enough. We see the photoshopped pictures of models and actresses on magazines and TV and we know we can never compare.

This comparison game isn’t doing anyone any favors. It’s not fair to the women you’re comparing yourself to, and it’s not fair to yourself. These body shame wounds run deep, but we’re the ones responsible for continuing the behavior. It’s hard to change old habits. Start small.

The next time you feel yourself thinking “I wish I had her…” or “I’ll never look like…” replace that thought with something positive. Instead, think “That woman has beautiful hair. Perhaps I could style my hair like that this weekend.” As you can see, this line of thought doesn’t rely on comparing yourself to other women and cutting them down.

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Change Your Story

How often do you tell yourself your own story? You might not even realize how you’re talking down about yourself to others or just in your own mind. Maybe you tell yourself you can’t go to that event with your friends because you’re too shy. Perhaps when browsing dresses for brides for a sibling, you remember how you’ll never be able to pull off these looks.

You’re writing the wrong story for yourself. You’re the only one who can control your own narrative. Start using self-empowering talk, both in real life and in your mind. It’s not unrealistic to say you’re confident and smart. These affirmations will reaffirm your positive habits and you’ll start to feel your self-worth build.

Be Yourself But Better

We all deserve to let our best selves shine through. You’ve trapped away your inner feminine beauty for so long behind a wall of shame and low confidence. It’s time to break down those walls and let your true self shine.

This isn’t always easy. We’ve lived our whole lives being told we’re not good enough. It’s time to change the narrative and become the hero of your own story one step at a time.

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