Bottled Water – Top 10 Best Brands

Bottled Water - Top 10 Best Brands

A generation or two ago, the world used to enjoy a very limited choice when it came to bottled water. Moreover, those days are gone when water used to be free as air and pure as a dew drop. Right now, the free water is far from potable, rather too toxic to damage your system forever. Thus, distilled water happened as a boon to mankind. At present, there are more than 3000 mineral water brands to choose from. Here is a list of top 10 brands that you can grab next time you are backpacking or going out for a dinner.


1. Hildon:

Hildon Natural Mineral Water is considered to be the royal choice of the United Kingdom as it is the official choice at the Royal Opera House or the House of the Commons as well as the Buckingham Palace if sources are to be believed.


2. Saint Geron:

Fondly called as the uncrowned queen of mineral water brands, Saint Geron is the final output of a French filtration process which is a millennium old. It is preferred by many for not only being the purest, but also for being rich in magnesium, calcium and other natural minerals.


3. Voss:

If you want to drink distilled water from a designer bottle that speaks for class and elegance then Voss is meant for you. Available in both sparkling and still, this Norwegian product is quite a hit in swanky hotels and five star spas.


4. Volvic:

Bottled Water - Top 10 Best Brands

Originated from the Clarivic Spring located in the volcanic Regional Park in France, Volvic is served in more than 60 countries.


5. Fiji:

As its name shows, FIJI Water belongs to the Yaqara Valley of Fiji and is regarded as the top imported natural artesian bottled water brands in the US. Besides having a distinct mineral profile, it offers a unique smooth and subtle taste. What more? The company takes pride in saying that till date no human hands have ever received the permission to touch it.


6. Gerolsteiner:

Following strict German purity protocols, Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water is bottled to serve the mineral needs of human bodies. It also tops the mineral water exports in Germany.


7. Vedica:

How about quenching your thirst with the water from the springs of the great Himalaya? The leading Indian mineral water company Bisleri’s Vedica caters to the high-profile market for its sweetness and premium quality.


8. Perrier:

Another French name in the list, Perrier is one of the mineral water brands which are highly preferred as an alternative to soda in drinks, cocktails etc.


9. Mountain Valley Spring Water:

Bottled Water - Top 10 Best Brands

A name taken by Hollywood celebrities, presidents of America, top international athletes and many such big names already speaks for its class.


10. Evian:

A lesser known discovery of the great French Revolution, Evian Natural Spring Water is highly preferred for its curative and therapeutic features.



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