A salute to Soni Chaurasia for achieving the milestone and making us stand tall with pride! You might be wondering what I’m talking about?

Soni Chaurasia started tapping her feet and moving to the beats of Kathak on 4thApril at 6pm. She was so engulfed with her passion of dancing that she continued moving gracefully till the next day and the next. She ceased her dance on the evening of 9th April, not because she wanted to but because her energy resources had dried up! She danced for a remarkable 123.30 hours at Mount Litera Zee School, Varanasi. Her name will, without a doubt, be entered in the Guinness book of world records.

She broke the record of Hemlata Kundalu from Kerala who had danced continually for 123.20 hours. Soni didn’t give up even after breaking the record. She seemingly continued till she could! In November, she tried breaking the record but retired after dancing for 87 hours.

PM Narendra Modi sent her best wishes and encouraged her to take the dance form to a global level.

The world admires her and holds her talents in high regard! She has made all of us proud.