Breakup after-effects according to your zodiac sign

Breakup after-effects according to your zodiac signs

Escaping a breakup is as inevitable as escaping death. We all have gone through the experience of having our heart torn into pieces. You must have seen that different people deal with breakups differently. Even though we all feel the heart pinch equally but our ways are diverse in tackling breakups and determining the way to be headed. Some researchers say that our zodiac sign plays a significant role on how we deal with breakups. Hence, in this article we will explore how one navigates after the breakup, zodiac wise.


If you break up with them, you are undoubtedly going to get your face smashed. They are furious and too good at breaking a neck when it comes to breakups and wouldn’t close the case without spending an amount of drama.


They take time to grasp and learn the art to let go. They will hold on to a relationship even when the broken pieces of it are crystal clear. They would want for second chances and another shot at it but once they are over with their stubbornness, you will be free forever.


Breakup after-effects according to your zodiac signs

They are unpredictable and fickle minded while dealing with breakups. Their minds keep swinging in different directions without an aim.  Either they will go haywire over you, stalk you to the day you were born, delete all your pictures or on the extreme contrary simply get over with you by going on a wild holiday.


They are wicked and know how to roll the dice. They will never come upfront to showcase their anger against you and in fact behave as if they are perfectly okay but secretly plot and pray for your ruin ‘Every Night’.


They are a must watch during a breakup. They deal with a breakup as if they were the queen of the jungle. Once gone, they would never want you to hover around them again but if you still choose to give it a shot, be prepared to get your house burned. They are the divas and they know how to moonwalk away in a breakup.


They know how to strike the emotional balance. Breakups pinch them but when they are hit with one, their calculative side gets switched on instantly. They would never return all those gifts back and if you think your credit cards have gone missing strangely, well then all you need to know is you aren’t getting them back ever! (Winks)


They are humble and down to earth creatures. Neither expect them to shed tons of tears nor expect them to mope your tears. They are super practical and master the art of moving on. They don’t need oodles of ice creams to calm their nerves down instead they would favor a perfect rebound.


Breakup after-effects according to your zodiac signs

As the name suggests, if you break up with a scorpion, you just can’t escape the whole thing without getting stung. They don’t buy any explanations if you break things with them. They are pretty calculative too and chances are that by the time you think you have settled everything; they would have secretly turned all you friends against you.


Free spirited and strong willed; never expect them to play the victim card. If there is hope then they will go to every extent to work the relationship out but if there isn’t then they will walk out with something else (or probably someone else). Be prepared to get blocked from all aspects of their lives as once they are done, they’re done!


They are mature and smart. They will try to work out the relationship as far as possible. If they do not, then be prepared to get that 3am- super drunk call with them weeping insanely over the phone. Capricorns are both hard and soft when it comes to dealing with endings.


They are the believers in Karma. They would back off completely without any complaints and wait for karma to take on the trials for you. They let go super easily but don’t forget their beliefs always does prove them right. So better watch your steps!


Breakup after-effects according to your zodiac signs

They are super sensitive and fragile hearted. If you break up with them and that too on a harsh note, then be prepared to get heaps of nasty emails. They have their own little world of happiness and therefore, they will cry their way out to emote their feelings after a breakup.



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