Call your doctor when you notice these in your baby

It is natural for new parents to be concerned about the health of their baby. It is important that you protect your baby even when you baby is strong and sturdy as babies are small and vulnerable to germ infestation. This article would tell you when it is time to call the pediatrician.

Remember, you know your baby the most and hence, always trust your inner instincts and call the doctor, every time you feel that something is not right. Here are certain areas you should keep a track on.

  • Temperature: If you see baby happy, playful and showing the normal appetite, then your baby probably is fine. A baby who has runny nose and a happy face is not as sick as baby who has runny nose and is lifeless.


  • Abnormal Crying: If your baby cries more than usual and you are unable to comfort him in the usual ways or if the cry of your baby is weak of very high-pitched, then it is time that you call the doctor. Also, if your baby is unhappy and inactive and do not really cry, it may be because that he is seriously ill.


  • Appetite: The every day hunger of your baby varies but if he is hungry, it should show. A baby is sick if he tires easily from sucking or feeding. You baby is sick if he spits out more than usual or if the vomit is greenish in color. In such situation, do not hesitate to call the doctor.


  • Unusual bowel movements: Soft and liquid bowel movements is very common amongst the breastfed babies. But when the bowel is too watery, your baby might be suffering from diarrhea. It is important that you check the bowel movements of your baby on a regular basis and see whether the diarrhea stays for few days. The breastfeeding or bottle-feeding should continue as these would prevent dehydration. Wetting 6 diapers in a day is what is considered to be normal. If you see your baby to become unusually inactive or has stopped passing bowel or passes small and hard stools or passes stools with mucus and blood or the consistency of the stool resembles that of the jelly, then it is time to call the doctor.


  • Difficulty in breathing: Get immediate help, if your baby faces any kind of difficulty in breathing or experiences labored breathing.


  • Fever: A fever is a sure sign of the fact that your baby is sick but the fever alone is not something that you should be worried about. Your baby might not be seriously ill when he has a high fever and might be seriously ill when having a mild fever. A baby under the age of 3 months and having a fever of 100.4oFahrenheit or more should be checked by the doctor. An older baby with fever but looking healthy otherwise, should be kept under observation for 1-2 days to see if other symptoms arise or not.

The most important thing to remember about baby health problems is that you should never presume a certain medical condition by yourself before talking to the doctor and never ever give medicines to your baby without doctor’s advice or prescription.

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