Can more sex promise a better relationship?

Well can it? Sex is intimacy at its best and you can’t be intimate with someone you aren’t comfortable with and you of course will not be comfortable with someone you don’t revere.

Can more sex promise a better relationship?

Let’s substitute comfort for happiness here and understand whether more sex is directly proportional to more happiness, according to what research has to say –

It means to ask whether more intimacy can increase comfort between couples.

If you ask me, I’d say that happiness and sex are both undeniably interrelated to each other in such a fashion that one will invariably follow the other. However what is most important is that a couple takes enough care to maintain and nurture those aspects of a relationship which lead to the desire to want to have sex and hence gives reason to be happy or comfortable with each other – this I shall cover more elaborately in my next article.



Psychology says that people enjoy sex often because the more sex they have, the greater the chances of having kids and passing their genes down to the next generation. So, on a look out for and in anticipation of the end result, humans have evolved to take delight in sex which takes place in collaboration with intimacy, thus lending a feeling of pleasure and happiness to the couple engaging in intercourse.



Having a lot of sex doesn’t necessarily make you a happy couple. When asked in person, a few reveal that extensive sex contributes to the wellbeing of their relationship while some disagree with the benefiting capacities of sex.

The results being unclear, researchers of a recent American study have tried their hands at clearing out this smog of confusion of whether sex is or is not beneficial to the happy workings of a relationship.



The subconscious mind has something different to say from the conscious mind.

Researchers conducted an experiment with newlywed couples where they were asked to fill a questionnaire about how happy they were in their relationship with each other and whether they think that having more sex improves their lives as a couple.

Couples who were involved in sex more often did say that they were happier together.  However to test this statement, the researchers conducted another experiment in order to read the natural instincts of these couples.

The couples were shown as individuals, photographs of their partners to which they had to respond with either a positive or a negative word that would follow the picture, and the response had to be instinctive so that no extra time would be allowed to them. The quickest responses were then taken into consideration.

What was then found was that newlyweds who were more frequently involved in sex had actually responded in a more positive way to their spouse’s pictures than the ones who were not.



But how does the subconscious mind think and speak differently from the conscious mind?

For some, sex did not equate with happiness in relationships. There were a few couples who backed by their cultural understanding of sex as forbidden and unthinkable unless one wanted kids, said that they were happy in their relationships irrespective of how much sex they had.

But when their instincts were put to test, it was found that a few of those very couples had responded less positively to their partner’s images to the ones who had an active sex life.

So yes, according to experiment and research sex does indeed coalesce with a happy married life. But whether sex is a product of a happy relationship or whether it’s a trigger to one, still remains quite unclear.

What are your thoughts regarding sex equating a healthy relationship? Which do you think follows which – does sex follow a happy relationship or is it vice versa? Share with us your views in the section for comments, at the bottom of the page.