Cancer Man and Aries Woman: Love Compatibility?

Love isn’t always easy. Some couples know that they have met the one, right away. Others take time. Even those who know it right away, don’t always have it easy. They have to work to get to achieve the happiness their relationship has to offer. The important thing is that they love each other. For when there is true love in the equation, all challenges can be worked out. If you are an Aries woman in love with a Cancer man, then that is the kind of work you will have to do. But well, if you are true to your zodiac, then I know you love a challenge. So, get your swimming gear on, because you are about to take a dive with the crab.

cancer aries compatiblity

The Aries – Cancer Relationship

This zodiac pairing is a tricky one to navigate. But given how both of them are passionate, go-getters, it won’t be impossible for them. Provided, they are willing to try. A cancer male is a tranquil man, who prefers the comforts of the quiet in his life. But the Aries female will exhaust him with her excessive Mars enthusiasm. The Aries zodiac sign is prone to being thoughtless and impulsive in everything they do. That kind of outlook can trouble the cancer male, who likes to tread carefully. What brings these two together is their sensitive nature. She will not admit to being sensitive because she is so busy living up to the tough exterior she shows to the world. But he knows what hurt is capable of doing to your soul.

He can understand the hurt she feels when her impulsive, rash ways turn people against her. he knows what it is like when people don’t understand you. This kind of understanding can bring them together. They have a 4-10 sun sign vibration pattern. This means most of their associations occur in business, career or family setting, not a romantic one. Even the romantic ones begin in one of these settings. A harmonious Sun-Moon Aspect in their natal charts will favour a positive relationship. It signifies financial success and emotional compatibility for the couple. However, a negative Luminary or Ascendant will mean ups and downs and a lot of soul-testing.

Starting of the Relationship between a Cancer Man and an Aries Woman

 initial attraction between aries and cancer

 The beginning of this relationship is always magical. Remember that period and focus on sticking to it. He will charm her with his respectful, gallant and courteous ways. There is no woman who doesn’t fall for his royal style. This man flirts like a gentleman, and our beautiful Ram feels like she has found the one. Around him, she feels liberated because he isn’t scared of her strong character. All her life she has been rejected by men who couldn’t stand her challenging presence. She isn’t a woman who is happy to serve at the pleasure of her husband. That puts off many men. But the Cancer man is thrilled and excited by her. And he makes it clear to her too.

Initially, her straightforward nature and domineering ways electrify him. That is until they start clashing with his life. But all of that will come later. He will restore her belief that she is a beautiful princess. Not a witch that those ignorant men made her believe she was. This will be an exhilarating experience for her. However, they will soon realise that this is a soul-testing relationship. It would take a couple that is deeply in love to navigate through these Karmic trials. As Linda Goodman puts it, “…. few people would choose the tensions and conflicts of the 4-10 soul-testing if there was a choice”. Do you?

Are an Aries Woman and a Cancer Man Sexually Compatible?

Like every other aspect of this relationship, adjustments will be necessary. These are two people, with two different approaches to life. They have different expectations from their sex life too. There will need to be a lot of compromise and consideration through it all. Initially, he will be tender and considerate of her desires and needs. He will focus only on what she wants from him and that is a dangerous proposition. She will love it of course. But you give an Aries woman all she wants, and she won’t have it any other way. Her unintentional selfishness would kick in. This always hurts the Cancer man for he expects to get what he gives. If, however, they maintain a balance, he will continue to be a fabulous lover. He will be imaginative, subtle, and clever. He will make all her fantasies come true in brighter hues. And he would do all of that because she stimulates it in him.

The Aries woman’s lack of guile and frankness concerning sex stirs the Cancer man deeply. He sees the physical union of two beings as a matter of celebration. He never understood why society has painted it in such a bad shade. But she shares his ideas, and that brings him joy. She gives her all to their sexual union and this gives him emotional security. The Aries female brings innocence to every relationship she is in. She has a passion and an enthusiasm unlike any other woman in the zodiac. But her spirits might be dampened when he is going through one of his mood swings. She cannot give her all and not have the same kind of commitment in return. What you need to know, my fair Ram is that he will come around. This is just one of those phases he will get every now and then. Just keep your eye out on the moon.

Do an Aries Female and a Cancer Male Get Along?

 Aries and Cancer compatibility

 Every relationship has its problems, and so does this one. The root cause of all their problems is their sensitivity to hurt. The Cancer man gets hurt really easily. And even easier is for the Aries woman to hurt his feelings. Equally easy is for him to deliberately hurt her as revenge. And the cycle continues. They are both Cardinal signs and hence, like to lead. Couple that with the Aries desire to win, and you get a fight over who follows whom. The Aries have to make everything a competition. Just to keep life interesting. But in the process, they can hurt the Cancer male’s feelings. Without even realising what they did.

Jealousy is a big issue with both of them. Neither likes to feel jealous. Nor do they refrain from making their partners jealous. Just to seek some validation. But it gets even worse when the Cancer male takes it to another level. His clingy nature puts her off when it becomes smothering possessiveness. She can take it till it’s cute and makes her feel good about herself. But when he wants to track down all her moves, she feels like she is being caged. However, nothing makes her madder than his tendency to keep secrets. He is not big on sharing how he feels. While she is upfront about all her minute to minute mood updates. When she can’t understand how he feels, she can get cranky.

Aries and Cancer Marriage Compatibility

The Aries woman and the Cancer man are capable of a successful marriage. They are. I am not just pretending to be optimistic. They just have to start by addressing the basic personality differences between them. She is an optimistic person who is always sure of winning. He wants to win too. But he is pessimistic and fearful of the future. Both of them are fond of money, fame and recognition. But differ in how to best achieve it. The Aries wife will have difficulty comprehending his wishes to win. Her dilemma can be perfectly summed in Jean Baptiste Baudin’s quote, “To be ambitious for wealth, and yet always expecting to be poor; to be always doubting your ability to get what you long for, is like trying to reach East by travelling West. There is no philosophy which will help a man succeed when he’s always doubting his ability to do so, and thus attracting failure”.

They will differ on how to spend money once they have acquired it. He would want to save it. While she would like to spend. However, here the Aries female should back down. He is only trying to secure their future. So that they never have to worry about money. A third person will always influence this marriage: his mother. There will be stiff competition for the Aries female from his mother. He idolises her more than any other woman in his life. And would expect her to live up to her standards. Live up to her standard?? She has the best standards as it is. So, the Cancerian husband will have to back off on this one. But despite all the soul-testing, he will be amusing and entertaining. The Aries woman loves to laugh. So, she will forget about the quarrel they had last night when he wakes her up with the disarming smile.

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