Car safety tips for pregnant women

Car safety tips for pregnant women

To all the pregnant ladies out there bearing a beautiful life in your womb, stay safe not only while driving cars but also when you are a passenger. During your nine month period, it’s impossible not to travel or not to drive. So here are safety tips while driving a car, exclusively for to-be-moms.

  • Wear your seat belt

Whatever it is, driving or not driving, make sure you wear your seat belt. Don’t strap your seat belt directly over your baby bump but wear it from under and around so your baby stays safe.

  • Avoid driving

Except when it’s absolutely necessary, stay away from the wheel. The steering wheel can hurt your baby bump when it comes to hasty brakes and road humps.

  • Lean back

Don’t stress your stomach by leaning forward constantly. If you’re driving, try to be at least 10 inches away and as far from the wheel as comfortable.

  • Use bump belts

There are safely belts designed especially for pregnant women. The belt goes directly under your belly and is longer, thus keeping you safe.

  • Take frequent breaks

Car safety tips for pregnant women

If you are driving continuously with your little one, you are going to get tired and it will result in cramps in your leg. Take breaks frequently, get out of the car, walk a little, stretch and then get back. You will feel fresh and alert.

  • Air bag helps

Studies claim that air bags protects both mommy and child in case of an accident. As opposed to rumors, air bags are actually helpful.

  • If mishaps occur, call the doctor

If you are in an accident, do not fret. Your baby is safe in the warmth of your belly but if there happens to be a major accident, call your doctor immediately.

  • Stay hydrated

If you are on long trips, drink plenty of water and keeps snacks handy. This is to ensure you don’t feel weak and fatigued.

  • Wear comfy clothes

Car safety tips for pregnant women

Wear loose clothes and shoes to stay away from trouble throughout your journey. You don’t want tight clothes strangling your baby or high heels that will make your legs swell.

  • Stay calm

Stay calm, nevertheless awake. Survey the road and the traffic. Keep your senses awake. Position the safety belt as close to the body as possible. Avoid distractions such as using cell phones. Do not drive if you feel tired.

Stay safe, stay healthy!


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