Chocolate makes you smart

Close up Photograph of a chocolate souffle

We know that chocolate makes us happy. It makes us fat. It makes us sleepy. It makes us diabetic. But it also makes us smart. Nobel prize smart! When you’re stressed and low, get hold of a handful of dark chocolates, or hot cocoa, to be very precise. Cocoa beans have a natural compound called flavanols in them. These compounds form a chemical called nitric oxide. And nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels. It makes you feel happy, it boosts the blood supply to the brain.

Are you serious?

Ask Dr Randal Thomas, an internist at the Mayo Clinic who swears by this new study. Cardiovascular patients will now be advised to consume some amount of chocolates, especially the dark ones. Isn’t it cool? Chocolates instead of medicines? 

What’s this study about? 

The study found out the relationship between brain activity and blood flow to the brain through cocoa consumption. People who had impaired blood flow to their brain, after consuming cocoa every day for thirty days, showed an impressive 30 per cent increase in their memory. Regular cocoa consumption does in fact increase the cognitive function. Wow! I’m amazed!! 

What else can chocolate do?

  • Regular chocolate consumption reduces the risk of a heart stroke by 39%, it’s not my opinion, studies say that.
  • When pregnant women eat chocolates, their stress level drops down and they conceive happier babies.
  • Your brain uses a lot of oxygen, about 20% of the body’s total intake. This makes it highly susceptible to free radical damage. Eating dark chocolate minimises such damage.
  • Dark chocolate improves learning, memory and focus.
  • It releases endorphins, those brain chemicals responsible for making you

Eating chocolates can make you win the Nobel prize. Is that true?

Of course it is.
Eating more chocolates increases that chance of a country to produce more Nobel prize winners. The Swiss eat the most chocolate and hence are at the top of the Nobel laureate league. Now, do we have any reason not to eat chocolates?

-Alisha Khan