Choosing Duty Over Motherhood- Indian Women Pilots


On October, 2015 the Indian Air Force made a watershed decision to incorporate women pilots in supersonic warplanes. Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh were three among the six to be finally selected for the training. However, sources have revealed that they have been advised to put off pregnancy till the completion of the undergoing training process. Not only that, prospective cadets are advised to delay marriages too, although it lacks legal enforcement.

The training period continues vigorously for at least five years, irrespective of the gender of pilots. These fighter pilots will have completed initial training in June this year and are left with a year more of advanced Hawk training in Bidar, Karnataka until they take charge of fighter cockpits from 2017. This follows up with multiple jet flying trainings to get them ready for combat. Sources speculate that pregnancy would mean, not just the expenditure that goes into such training but also the time period that demands involvement, gets interfered with. We salute such women who have dedicated to pledge their lives to the service of the nation over personal choices.

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