Classic Bollywood movies – Unforgettable 5

There are certain bollywood movies which have achieved cult status in their respective fields. The passage of time doesn’t dent their glory and no matter how many times you watch it, it still looks as fresh and as path-breaking as the first time you saw it. We have compiled a list of movies which have managed to capture the imagination of audiences and have continued to enthrall them for generations together.

Drama – Mother India (1957)

Today’s generation might find this movie a bit over-the-top but there is no denying the fact that this is a cult movie which has continued to inspire generations of movie-goers. The story presents the trials and tribulations of a poor village woman, Radha who despite all odds upholds traditional Indian values. The high point of the film is the scene where Radha kills her son thereby setting a great example of self-sacrifice. This movie also symbolically represented a newly Independent India and the difficult process involved in nation building.

Action – Sholay (Embers), 1975

Indians love a good action movie and Sholay was and still remains the ultimate action movie. Comprising some of the biggest star cast of all times, this movie traces the story of two criminals with hearts of gold who are hired by the police to catch a dreaded gangster. The film has been immortalized because of its strong characterization and its powerful dialogues still resonate today. Such was the film’s reach that even the BBC in 1999 declared it to be the film of the millennium.

War – Border, 1997

Few movies in India are made on war and fewer still have hit the bull’s eye at the box office. But this movie is the exception as it has not only succeeded at the box office but also managed to impress both the audience and the critics alike. The movie had an impressive star cast all of whom executed their role wonderfully. Depicting the battle of Longewala this movie presents a very humane story about war and the people affected by it.

Romance – Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge (Brave hearted gets the bride), 1995

The ultimate movie in romance, DDLJ depicts the story of a young couple who fall in love on a European sojourn and how they succeed in winning the blessings of their parents. There was nothing extraordinary about the story but the freshness which the director brought into the movie probably accounted for its immense success. Such is the popularity of this film that even after twenty years have elapsed, this film still runs to packed houses at Maratha mandir.

Horror – Raat (Night), 1992

A movie which still continues to send a chill down our spine, Raat is a cult horror movie. This remake of a south Indian film was wonderfully directed by Ram Gopal Verma who got all the horror nuances right. Although the film was not a huge success then, today it is regarded as a classic horror movie by horror enthusiasts.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means but definitely a pointer to some of the cult movies of our age.

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