Cleopatra Eye Makeup Tutorial

cleoThe most powerful and beautiful woman, who had ever lived, is without a concern Cleopatra. That’ s why we want to show you, how you can transform yourself to that stunning woman. It is not difficult for you to feel the exact same way! The perfect Cleopatra look is using gold!


  1.  To brighten the complection, use a peach correcter, with a small foundation brush. For intense eyes, undereye concaeler is a must! For this step use a liquid one.

  3. For fixing and creating a lighter finish, for what you have already done, use a bigger brush with light powder. Now the transformation to Cleopatra can begin.

  5. Using a gold/ metalic glitter for your eyes just the exact same way you would use an eyeliner, makes the look perfect. Usually those glitters have a primer included, if buy them. This primer fix the glitter perfectly to your skin.

  7. As a finish use a black eyepencil for your lashlines, but only for the upper ones.

  9. Then just use your favourite mascara for upper und lower lashes. It’s up to you, if you want to use fake lashes.



If you want to have a whole Cleopatra look, you might try a bronzer for your cheeks. It flatters with the gold around your eyes.