Coconut Oil: Miracle oil for your body !


Have you ever known a wonder product that will work out as a miracle for your body ? For body, eyes ,skin and for your digestive system as well?

Yes there’s one.. The miraculous oil is none other than our very own coconut oil!

Yes! The one that’s residing on your mom’s dressing room shelf. Here are the essential facts that you need to know about this simple little wonder!

Makeup remover

It helps you remove makeup so easily that it’s not more than a one swipe task! All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with little coconut oil and swipe it through a part of your face. One after another, carefully swipe through all your face and then wash with water thoroughly. Apply little of your face wash and rub in swirls. Wash again thoroughly with water. Here are our best makeup removal tips .

 The digestive potion

Nothing topical would work magic in comparison to what is consumed internally and benefits your body from inside. The age old grandma’s trick to consume one spoon coconut oil before food intake will help you cleanse your digestive system and colon. It will flush out toxins from your body and give your skin the sheen you will love!

 Moisturizer for body

The most naturally occurring, nurturing in nature, moisturizer for your body skin. Coconut oil will help you nourish your body in a non sticky manner that will not cause any odor issues. Massage your body parts with lukewarm coconut oil for a deep-oil like massage. This massage will help your body parts to relax, open up the pores and help release the stress. Read more about our DIY Winter Moisturizer 

 Anti cellulite

Coconut oil is anti cellulite in nature. It is believed that massaging your thighs and arms with coconut oil will help your skin absorb the essential components that cut the fat molecules and tighten the flab.


 Lip balm

A natural and organic lip balm that does not need any other ingredient for a perfect moisturizer to be. Just simply take a little oil on your finger tips and mix a drop of lemon and rub over your lips thoroughly. Keep massaging and pat dry after some time. Check out our great DIY lip balm


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