Coconut water – Top 8 benefits for skin and hair

Coconut water is not just a cooling drink that gives you a relaxing feel on the beaches. It has much more to offer. This healthy and nutritious drink has become a hot favorite beverage amongst the health conscious people of the world but apart from amazing health benefits, coconut water is great for the skin and hair as well. It gives your skin a natural glow and makes it beautiful and improves the texture of your hair by making it soft and shiny. Here are some of its benefits that many people do not know about:

The gateway to a great skin

Forget about drinking; only applying coconut water would give your skin an instant glow. It prevents the growth of pimples and acts as a natural moisturizer.

  • To bring an instant glow on your face, wash your face with coconut water daily. This would also make your skin smooth and give it an even-tone. You can also make a face pack from turmeric, sandalwood paste and coconut water and apply it once in a week to get flawless complexion.


  • It is light in consistency and hence, acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. It can also reduce the excessive oil and grease present on the face and hence, is highly recommendable for people having oily skin.


  • It can help you get rid of sun tans. Mix multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and coconut water and apply that evenly on your skin and let it dry. Rinse off using cold water every day for removing dark spots and sun tans.


  • You can wash your face daily with coconut water to prevent blackheads, blemishes, acnes and pimples.


  • Coconut water has great hydrating properties and if you have dry and dull skin, washing it regularly with coconut water would help you to a great extent. You can also drink coconut water to stay hydrated and keep your skin supple and soft.

The secret to beautiful hair

Coconut water is the best solution to dull and frizzy hair. Fresh coconut water can do wonders in giving life to your otherwise lifeless hair.

  • It improves blood circulation to your scalp and hence, promotes the growth of hair and prevents hair loss. Proper blood flow strengthens the hair follicles and improves the density of the hair as well.


  • Massage your hair regularly with coconut water to make your hair soft and manageable and get rid of dull, unruly and frizzy hair. It has great hydrating properties and it works by moisturizing the roots of the water and strengthening them in the process as well. Coconut water is also a natural hair conditioner.


  • Coconut water has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and hence, prevents dandruff, itchy scalp and other infections that might prevent hair growth.


These are some of the benefits that coconut water has to offer for your skin and hair. So get ready and start exploring all these benefits to get great skin and beautiful hair.

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