College relationships don’t survive: Here’s why!

Do college relationships last? Well, my answer is no. It’s your freshman year. You found ‘THE’ guy you have been looking for. He treats you well, respects you, cares for you, loves you, makes you feel special, supports you, cheers you up and accepts you the way you are. You start dating him, fall in love and believe that he is going to be your partner for the rest of your life. He is the best man you have ever met.

However, your relationship with your college sweetheart won’t last forever. He might be the kind of ‘tall, dark and handsome’ guy who is perfect for you but your plans and dreams of being together forever is going to sink down in the ocean. You might be wondering why am I being so negative.

Well then, take a look at the reasons why college relationships don’t last.

  • You don’t have common grounds

While you may be planning to do your post graduation from Delhi, he might be well on his way to find a job somewhere in Chennai. Long distance relationships usually don’t work. He will find a more reliable girl in his workplace and you might hook up with some other nerd from your college. You both will one day call each other to say ‘I don’t think it’s working. Let’s get over with it.’Things might also turn out to be even more difficult for the two of you. End of the story – you are going to get separated.

  • There’s loss of attraction

During the beginning of a relationship, there are lots of efforts taken by both man and woman to maintain the attraction for one another. There’s an innate need to keep it lively. But as time passes, you lose interest. You don’t find your partner attractive and neither does he. You start finding flaws in one another and zip, zap, zoop, it’s over!

  • College is a time of experimentation

Many young peeps in college simply experiment with themselves. They want to enjoy in the three or four years of their youth. Your boyfriend, no matter how perfect he is, will find lots of temptation in the college campus and get dragged away from you. It can also be the other way round. So in your relationship, which you imagine to be perfect, cheating comes in the way.

  • You have different friend circles

He may not like the people you love hanging out with. You may not like his friends. That is pretty common when you are in a relationship with your college buddy. But this commonness becomes the ground for distance. With the different group of friends, you and your partner start drifting apart. He starts complaining and so do you. You tell him that you need friends and you cannot be with him all the time. This causes space, negativity and end of your relationship.

  • One of you is not matured enough

As time passes, you become mature. You start believing that the person you thought you loved has changed. Your plans change. You want to explore more of life, travel and work more while your partner intends on settling down. There’s conflict of thoughts and ideas and you think that someone better is waiting for you out there. When you are exposed to the real world, things change. You end up and move on.

  • You belong to different communities

College is a safe haven where building dreams are too easy. After you step out of it and enter the world, you realize how difficult it is to live! If it happens that you and your partner belong to different religions, it might also happen that neither of you is ready to compromise. Religion is the most important thing that need not be overlooked. There’s but little chance that both your parents will accept each other. And even though, you descend from the same religion, there’s hardly any chance that his parents are going to accept you. And then the time comes when your relationship tumbles down the road.