Colour coded food philosophy to lose weight!

Colour coded food philosophy to lose weight!

Our relationship with food has always been on a wobbly mode as we struggle finding true freedom when it comes to healthy nutrition. With abundance of conflicting information available online and otherwise, most of us find it difficult to be free to eat whatever we wish to.

We all have our own body goals, some aim at weight loss while some focus on maintenance of weight. Whatever your goals are, here we present a simple color-coded food philosophy you should follow to simplify your eating patterns and that will help you achieve your goals.



Colour coded food philosophy to lose weight!

Orange and yellow foods should simply not be avoided as there are thousands of reasons why one should eat them. Ladies! Good news for y’all as these color-coded foodshas magical skin benefits and gets you a remarkably flawless skin. Orange food includes papaya, carrot, apricots, pumpkins, pears and more. Apricots are abundantly fiber rich food whereas carrots help prevent cancer. Papaya offers you an exceedingly boosted immune system while pears are rich in vitamins. Some yellow foods that you must consume in your diet are lemons, golden kiwifruit, mangoes and yellow apples.



Brown foods include nuts, potatoes, ginger, quinoa, mushrooms, onions, brown pears, dates and more. Brown foods help build new cells and are great for recovery from wounds. Ginger as we all know is always recommended by doctors even if you have to lose weight or get rid of an itchy cold. Nuts are great sources of instant energy and also help you manage diabetes. Quinoa is protein loaded and mushrooms contain antioxidant minerals.



Colour coded food philosophy to lose weight!

Since our childhood, we all have been compelled to eat green leafy vegetables and it is indeed true that these green veggies are highly advantageous for our health in all aspects. Luckily, there is a long list of leafy green veggies and fruits such as avocados, green apples, honeydew, grapes, asparagus, ladyfinger, capsicum, basil, etc….etc.! Green foods are rich in all sorts of nutrients, antioxidants and boost your health in the best way possible. Although, this doesn’t mean that you should consume it without any limitation.



Colour coded food philosophy to lose weight!

White color-code food include lean white meats, white onions, garlic, egg whites, white peaches and white nectarines. White foods are great sources of protein. White foods are rich in potassium, Vitamin C and minerals. If you are planning to embark on a weight loss journey then make sure you include enough white food items as they are immensely helpful in burning fat if eaten in moderate amount.



Colour coded food philosophy to lose weight!

Not only are they pretty, they are delicious too and they also offer great health benefits. Blue and purple food helps fight inflammation and helps the body to utilize and absorb every nutrient effectively. They also act like a screen guard for your eyes as they support eye health. They also boost your immune system and help you digest other foods easily by keeping your digestive system strong. Few examples include grapes, blueberries, prunes, raisins, plums, eggplants, purple figs and grapes, olives, carrots etc.


This color-coded food philosophy will save you from the hassle of decision making as to what to eat when. You will simply be able to understand the health benefits of a fruit or vegetable by viewing their color. Also, you need to keep a check on the amount of oil, fat and sugar being used while you prepare these foods.



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