Colouring your clothes? Find out with Lakshmi!

Chai with Lakshmi is an award-winning online talk show. She talks with different guests about what is interesting and important, trends etc. With her videos Lakshmi contributes very interesting content to and we are happy to show another one video of her series.

You’ll be surprised to know just how much water is contaminated in the process of dyeing just one t shirt. But now there’s a respite for our fresh water sources from contamination by the textile industry, thanks to one couple which can colour your life naturally! Sonal and Arun Baid know how use natural dyes made from natural ingredients (like fruits, nuts and spices)! They’ve figured out how to make good old Indian colouring traditions work on a modern scale. And they want to change the way you colour everything!

Sonal and Arun Baid’s business is called Aura Herbal Textiles. Here, they are dyeing fabrics and clothes naturally for customers in India, Japan, Australia and Europe. They even have their own retail store, which will soon be in every Indian city! Kudos to them for going the green way.

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This video was filmed at Sankalp Summit in Mumbai, India. Sankalp is an Intellecap initiative. Discover Sankalp at

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