How to Own up and come out of the closet like a boss!

How to Own up and come out of the closet like a boss!

Some people are so strikingly phenomenal that ignoring their personalities surely isn’t a choice for us. Ever thought why certain people always stand out and make a mark while we struggle to abandon our insecurities and inhibitions?

Well! It is because they possess certain personality traits that might just be missing in you and those brownie points bring them the undivided attention.

We all know that ‘confidence’ is something that can change a person’s world, his/her outlook and at the same time, people’s perspective towards him. One person’s self-assessment can bring him close to the reality and help him foster rewarding characteristics. Today, we are going to feed you with some of the most important things that you will need to come out of your clandestine and own your world like a boss!



Shame says that, I am flawed and I am unacceptable’

Shame is the feeling of being wrong. Our societies cultivate countless deformities emerging out of really illogical stereotypes and yes of course, it is troublesome to adjust with them. Being Gay is something that a person is made to feel guilty of if they announce it openly. Society has been conditioned in a manner where homosexuality has always been perceived as unprincipled. If you are Gay then you need to realize that there is nothing you need to be ashamed of and that it is absolutely normal and also that, you aren’t the only one. Instead of being ashamed about who you are, prepare yourself to deal with the society. You need to accept that society is going to drill in immoral comments into your mind and devoice your viewpoint but be strong and keep your beliefs stronger. This is not just confined to people who are gay but for all those who do not fit into the mainstream from the society’s standpoint.



How to Own up and come out of the closet like a boss!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’’

You need to inculcate the powers of self-respect and high self-esteem. If you are fat or are dark skinned or nerdy and pale, what so ever, be proud of yourself. Take immense pride and honor in being yourself.  If you have good looks like Angelina Jolie, society will still try to defame you by labeling you a bimbo or call you an arrogant person. So, do not try to impress everyone because the truth is nobody ever can do that.


  • Have Faith in Yourself

‘If you believe in yourself, anything is possible’           

Faith is a heavy word and not many carry it dexterously in their mindsets. Usually, if people are not stereotypically driven, either they try to or they just isolate themselves. Both ways are incorrect and will barrier both your emotional and spiritual growth. Therefore, what you should do is prepare yourself to live the truth. There is nothing wrong in being who you are. All you need to do is trust the deep-seated voice inside you and watch how things change for you for the better. [Read: Self- doubt: How to counter it?]


  • Take the Initiative and Become an Inspiration

How to Own up and come out of the closet like a boss!

Do not become the slave of the society. Be an inspiration.’

Well! Sometimes it is possible that there is no one around you whom you can relate to and so you do not have any source of inspiration and therefore, you have fright of expression. What if there are many like you but the same fear of voicing opinions stops them too? If you are undergoing harassment, racism, male dominance, domestic violence or any problem as such, then don’t stop yourself from rising against it.  You can be a great source of inspiration for others and indirectly help similar people like you find their power of speech. [Read: How to inspire people?]


All the above mentioned content can only be practically feasible, if you design the groundwork of confidence in your life. Without being confident about your decisions and your choices, you will never be able to break through the plagiarisms of our society!


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