Common food to avoid if you want to loose weight


Do you want to lose weight? I guess that’s a yes, because most of us want to! But are you on a diet? Many of us think that a diet will help us to reduce our weight. A diet will bring us back our slim figure or reduce fats. So, many people start reducing their daily consumption and eating according to what is written on their diet plan. But the question is: are you sure that your diet food is helping you? How do you know its 100% trustworthy? In this article we will talk about some inappropriate food you are consuming thinking as diet food. Common food to avoid if you want to loose weight


Do you like your morning with a bowl of hot cornflakes? Am sure you appreciate it! According to the American Heart Society, cornflakes may fill your stomach but it has no nutrients. Therefore it is just an intake of carbohydrates.


Whether you like it with or without creamy yogurt or milk, the fruit you include does contain sugars. Therefore these sugars enhance glucose concentration in the body. Glucose is beneficial however an excess will pose a problem.


We all think by eating salads we are following a diet. This can be true if you do not include any mayo toppings. Avoid putting nuts, or cheese in your salads as these factors contributes to adding fats.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice does bring fibres and vitamins. But at the same time, the fruits bring a high amount of glucose.

Diet coke

We all think that drinking diet coke will reduce the sugars that a normal coke has. However diet coke does contain much more sugars. It has artificial sweeteners that make your body retain more sugars.

Energy drinks

We all get fooled thinking those drinks bring us advantages. However we should also see the bad effects it brings. Energy drink contains high sugar level from which gives us energy. Moreover it has artificial sweeteners which accumulate in your tissues.

Packaged soup

Are you super hungry, so you enter the kitchen and prepare some packaged soup. May taste good but health wise I rather eat a mac and cheese or toast. Packed soup contains high sodium content therefore increase your salt level and calories too.



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