The concept of soulmates

The concept of soulmates


The world has evolved and people are now more or less realists and opportunists. We have the gift of technology, the ability to travel to further of galaxies, but what we lack is the simplistic holistic approach of communication and making our hearts close to each other has become impossible. Reaching out for someone who is centimeters away is impossible, but flying to another continent is easier. Technology might have brought us closer, but has definitely distanced our hearts. The ethereal concept of meeting your perfect loved one is no more and people are busier discovering themselves because it’s become a challenge to figure out the true “themselves” amongst the myriad shadows of all the roles they play every day.

  • The authentic concept:

It was the belief of a generation that people fell in love once, that too with the perfect mate, and they lived happily ever after. There were no disputes or agonies because the couple understood each other well and there was nothing to debate about. Everything was harmonious, and marriage was a glorious option. In fact, people confessed that they have found their other halves. They have been living with the same person for 35 or 40 years or more, and they seem to be perfectly happy. Content and satisfied may also be the words to describe them.

  • The present day scenario:

Unfortunately, everything got complicated with the arrival of the technological boom period. People fell in love over the internet, met at cyber cafes and got their hearts busted. They learnt that love is no more a game of the innocents, but a very advanced level of scrabble or chess and people could fall off their horses anytime. This realization broke the hearts of many young chaps and it rekindled a very different kind of flame- the concept of changing partners.

So now every time there is incompatibility, and there are discords, people move on, go back to their lives, surf the internet and fall in love again. They choose to ignore their broken relationship and marriage and they deny the damage that has been caused. People find it easier to disown than to claim responsibility and work on their relationships.

The advent of technology has definitely made our lives complex. We don’t need one person to accompany us all our lives because we are now more faithful to the gadgets we possess. We nurture them, repair them, love them and even provide them with extra hours of our time. They are everything that we possess. So the relationships of our lives have taken a back footing and have reduced importance in our regular schedules. We no longer need the continuous care and affection from one person because we have begun to derive it from multiple sources all at once. And because we are in the age of fast track everything, the concept of relationships has fallen back and we no longer love truly anymore. A sad truth, but an essential one.


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