How to control money matters in your marriage?

How to control money matters your marriage?


Money is said to be the number one reason of stress and depression in relationships and not surprisingly, it also states as the third leading cause responsible for the divorce cases. If money matters in a relationship aren’t properly planned and aligned at the start itself, then later on it can put a huge amount of strain on your relationship.

Especially, married couples become the palanquin bearers of the tension and anxiety when it comes to putting together money issues. Marriage experts say that the main reason behind the money turmoil in marriages is an unplanned start and ignorance towards some of the easy steps that one must include in order to avoid money matters ruin a relationship.

Here we present some effective tips which you can use in your everyday life to prevent money from destroying your relationship.



To begin with, set your financial goals. Discuss your priorities and then decide what you would like to spend your money on. Make sure that the discussion is unambiguous so that you do not have confusions in future. Be clear about the big monthly expenses and budget it out. If you guys have conflicting spending habits, be patient and aim at finding out whether your lifestyle and income can smoothly afford it or not. Clarity plays a major role so that later on you do not end up in a hassle.



How to control money matters your marriage?

Picking up a giant expenditure all on your own isn’t mature and will likely bring your closer to your marriage coffin. If you wish to make a major purchase like a home theatre system or a refrigerator, discuss it with your partner and take his consent. If you will play solo, no matter even if the money is being debited from your salary, still you need to take his consent to avoid problems. Marriage is a divine institution in which two people are involved and it is simply unethical to go solo on decision makings!



There are many couples who do not wish to indulge in future savings as they believe that living by the day is the mantra to a happily married life. Well! This can stand true many times but not always and especially not when you have a baby. Building up strategies for savings is a must as you have no clue what tomorrow might bring to you. A partner might lose his/her job suddenly and there are similar other possibilities of emergency. To be prepared for such kind of situations, discuss how much you would like to put aside and take up a good savings scheme. It is of utmost importance to consider taxation saving before you take up any plan.



How to control money matters your marriage?

Usually what couples do is to play the blame game when things do not go as planned. At times, some bills remain unpaid or the ceiling fan isn’t fixed and etc. It is normal if things go wrong and certain financial obligations foster up out of nowhere. In such situations, think of problem solving methods and how to resolve the money matter.



Lack of proper communication is the main reason behind half of the hassle between married couples. When it comes to money matters, you must be open and integrated about your steps. If you have a debt to pay or if you have to lend money to a friend, then be open about it and do not hide things. Keep the person in loop to avoid any sort of confusion and to keep everything transparent.



How to control money matters your marriage?

Of course marriage means going through the thick and thins of life as a team. But at the same time no matter how much you trust your partner or believe in their financial conviction towards the marriage, it is also very important to have an individual safety net. Keep a joint account for essentials such as rent, groceries and other monthly expenditures. Protect your financial interests with reliable and authentic insurance schemes.


Money problems are too common in relationships but if not learnt how to sort it out, then things can altogether lead to a heated situation when it will be too late to grasp control. By applying the above mentioned steps in your married life, you can bring peace in the financial aspect of your relationship and avoid unnecessary quarrels and arguments.


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