Cool facts about your body

Cool facts about your body

Ever wondered how your body functions? What’s the capacity of your brain or what will happen if you don’t drink water all day? What would be the outcome if You lost your memory?

Here’s something very cool that will distinguish facts from myths.

Facts about your brain :

  • One year of aging equals ninety minutes of sweating when it comes to shrinking brain size.
  • 50,000 thoughts enter your brain everyday. 70% of them are outright negative!
  • You don’t have to worry about how much knowledge or thoughts you can store in the brain. It has unlimited storage capacity.
  • When you link all the blood vessels of your brain together, you will know they account up to 400 miles.
  • The brain in your head isn’t your only brain. There’s a “second brain” in your intestines that contains 100,000 neurons.

Facts about your memory :

  • People who are drunk often forget what they were doing while they were drunk. This is because your brain is incapable of forming memories while you’re drinking.
  • If a situation is more emotional, you’re more likely to recall it more than others.
  • Lies are easier to recall than truths because it takes times to manipulate something.
  • Doorways can be confusing. You’re more likely to forget when you pass through a doorway.
  • Difficult things can be remembered for a longer period of time and recalled easily. No wonder, how we still remember derivatives and integration even after all these years!

Facts about your eyes :

  • Your eye has the capability to differentiate 10 million different colours!
  • If the human eye was a digital camera, it would have 576 Mega pixels.
  • Along with your skin, your eyes can also get sunburned.
  • New-borns actually cry when they are 4-13 weeks old. Before that, they make crying sounds without tears.
  • Different shapes of cells in your eyes allow you to see different things. Rod-shaped cells allow you to see shapes, and cone-shaped cells allow you to see color.

Facts about your skin :

  • Every part of your external body except the nail bed, the margin of lips, the tip of penis and the eardrums can sweat. And while they do, they release 3 gallons of sweat in a hot weather. (The reason you must stay hydrated )
  • The skin is the largest organ of your body.
  • Skin color depends on the amount of melanin present in it. The less the melanin, the lighter is the skin complexion. I think racists aren’t aware of this one!
  • A large amount of the dust in you home is actually dead skin.
  • Like a lizard’s tail, your skin can regenerate itself.

Facts about your hair :

  • A person on the average has up to 100,000 to 150,000 hair strands on his or her head.
  • Everyday, each hair grows 0.3-0.5 millimetres.
  • Your hair won’t break if you place up to 100 grams of weight on it.
  • People believe trimming hair triggers growth. Well people, it’s a myth!
  • Losing 50-100 strands of hair everyday is normal.

Facts about your teeth :

  • The hardest part of your body? The enamel on the top surface on your tooth.
  • Each individual has a different set of teeth. Same goes for fingerprints.
  • Your teeth is actually longer than you think. One third of your tooth is underneath your gums making only two thirds of your tooth’s length visible.
  • Babies have only 20 teeth while for adults, the count is 32.
  • The plaque found on your teeth is the ‘Hanging out’ place for more than 300 bacteria. Ew! (The reason why doctors ask you to brush your teeth twice a day!)