10 Cool facts about your Vagina that you need to know!

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Born with a vagina, every woman should be aware of the amazing things it has the power to do. Try touching yourself down there. Feel it. Understand the anatomy. If you aren’t comfortable doing that do not expect someone else to be. This extraordinary part of the body can instil your mind and body with great pleasure and at the same time, is the threshold of a New Born’s entry into this world. In short, it is mind boggling! Here are a few cool facts that you may not be aware of:

  • The word is essentially derived from Latin, which means “sheath for a sword“. (Yeah right, thinking about the constant pokes and the resulting pain during intercourse, “sword” for the penis might definitely be the word! LOL!).


  • A vagina might just be devoid of a hymen. You may not ever realise that since your sex life will hardly be affected. So, the argument that a woman’s virginity is determined by the presence of a hymen is negated. KUDOS!


  • In comparison to the penis which had 4,000 nerve endings, the tiny clitoris has around 8000! And hence, the source of extreme pleasure.

Cool facts about your Vagina

  • The Vagina has ringed ridges on the inside. This makes room for the penis and the baby to push through during intercourse and birth respectively.


  • In a rare occurrence, the vagina has the power to captivate or clamp the penis during intercourse, making it impossible for the penis to move out. (Gosh, might just be the most difficult and embarrassing situation if you have to make a tour to the hospital in that state!).


  • Vaginas have the power to naturally clean themselves. So, you do not have to rely upon antiseptics, gels, foams or soaps to clean yourself down there. Vaginal discharges can fight off bacteria that might scale into the urinary tract. (Quite independent that is!)


  • The clitoris becomes a minor version of the penis, being enlarged with vessels and blood when you are aroused. Nonetheless, the size vary from person to person.


  • A study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that women who have complained about not experiencing an orgasm at all, have smaller clitoris. The distance between the opening and the clitoris is large and hence, the penis fails to stimulate the clit during the intercourse.

Cool facts about your Vagina

  • There is a possibility of the vagina falling out of the body during childbirth due to loss of support from the cervix. (No worries, the doc can get you covered through a surgery).


  • The vagina doesn’t loosen up as a result of frequent sexual intercourse. It fits any size of a penis and returns back to the original size. (Much like an elastic band!) Only older women and mothers might experience looseness.


  • The pH level or your vagina is quite comparable to that of wine, around 3 to 4 pH level.


  • Vaginal secretion can indicate your most fertile period. Discharge that is clear and stretchy is a sign of your ovulation phase. It is indicative of your fertility window, that is, the period during which you can plan on getting pregnant. Accordingly, you can avoid being pregnant by abstaining from having unprotected sex during this time.



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