Craziest laws against women around the world!


The purpose of a law is to protect us but there are countries with  bizarre and senseless laws hardly meant to protect women. While “women who are forced to marry their rapists” will raise your brows, forbidding “male and female underwear” from hanging together will definitely make you throw up. Let’s take a look at these absurd laws from around the world.

  • In India, a husband who sexually abuses his wife is not considered a rapist.
  • In China, women are not allowed to carry out jobs that demand physical labor.
  • In Cuba, the marriageable age for girls is fourteen years.
  • In Arcadia, Greece, women are prohibited from drinking coffee after six pm.
  • In Yemen, women are not allowed to leave their house without the permission of their husbands.
  • In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, a man is legalized to have sex with a woman and his husband at the same time.
  • In Minnesota, it is against the law to hang male and female underwear together.
  • In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a car. They do not have a right to vote, either.
  • In Afghanistan, women are not allowed to wear heels, laugh loudly and apply nail polish.
  • In some countries of Africa, the government does not consider FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION a serious issue, which happens on a large scale.
  • In Morocco, some women are forced to marry their rapists.
  • In Iran, girls are considered adults when they turn eight.
  • In Michigan, women are not allowed to cut their hair without their husband’s permission.
  • In Nigeria, a man is given full freedom to beat his wife, in order to discipline her
  • In Tuscan, USA, women are forbidden from wearing pants.
  • In Bahrain, a male doctor is legalized to examine a woman’s genitals only by looking at its reflection in the mirror.
  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a wife is obliged to live with her husband and follow him wherever he wishes to reside.
  • In Guinea, women are not allowed to have a separate profession from that of her husband, if he objects.
  • In Guam, virgins are forbidden to get married.
  • In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legalized to kill her husband with her bare hands.