Cyber Sex: 5 Ways to have it safely!

Cyber Sex: 5 Ways to have it safely!

The online erotica culture runs on our smart phones which need to have its own prudence as the virtual reality is rusted by bogus identities and risky links which usually are very magnetic. Cyber sex is gaining popular interests among the youth today as it is fun and there is certain mystery involved in it which makes it all the more attractive. But a wrong step and cyber sex can go horribly wrong. Unlike porn, cyber sex is risky as there is always someone at the end of the line to respond to every move that you make.



This is one of the most common cyber sex complaints. Sometimes it so happens that the other participant extends the curiosity in you into the real world and if there is refusal on your side, ends up sending threatening mails. Since cyber stalking gives the attacker liberty to be anonymous, he enjoys the freedom of not being detected and hence practices false accusations, defamation, slander and libel.


A significant number of cases have been reported in internet blackmailing, popularly known as webcam blackmailing. This is a kind of harassment where victim is tricked into taking off their clothes in front of their webcam or into performing any kind of sexual act. The attacker records a video on the other end and traps the victim. The victim is harassed and asked to pay lump sum money for settlement.


Cyber Sex: 5 Ways to have it safely!

Revenge porn can make things go horribly wrong. As the name suggests, the fraudster tricks you and makes video of you performing sexual acts and posts it online non-consensually. This is done with the intent of causing the victim distress and suffering by making him/her lose their civic image by breeding social humiliation.



Around 30-40 cyber sex compliantly are reported on a daily basis. The supposed risk-free online flings can at times turn bizarre and usually young girls fall prey to this. They fall quarry and land up in agreement of sharing of sexually explicit pictures and videos which is later used for threatening and intimidating. Young women are then forced into prostitution and asked into sleeping with multiple men.





There is no harm in visiting adult sites and using them if you are equipped with proper safety. Today, there are n numbers of internet security options for your protection. One example is Norton Internet Security.



Cyber Sex: 5 Ways to have it safely!

Every app that you download seeks your permission to access your smart phone. This allows them to dig into your personal data and pictures saved on your phones.



Be very careful with the content you post online as internet hackers search for girls who are pretty and post explicit content. They steal their pictures and use it on different porn sites. Therefore, be very careful about your digital footprints.



Do not be afraid to take things forward legally. Immediately lodge a complaint against the attacker as there are laws against cyber crimes.



Cyber Sex: 5 Ways to have it safely!

We have numerous platforms online. Keep different passwords for different sites. And, make sure your password is a difficult one to crack. Include at least 8 characters.


Cyber sex can in no time turn into an addiction as it gives a smooth appeal of a virtual one-night stand and gives freedom to people who are in reality insecure and have low self-esteem. Virtual practices of sex must be done with utmost care and caution as it can be thrilling and endangering at the same time!



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