Daddy’s impact on an newborn

Daddy's impact on an newborn

Daddies are God’s greatest gifts and unquestionably they play a very important role in a child’s life. A fruitful upbringing of a child is heavily dependent on how impactful is a dad in the child’s life, especially when it comes to daughters. A daughter becomes a daddy’s little girl much before she becomes mama’s angel. Although there isn’t any scientific proof for this but I am sure most of you would agree with this.

A dad’s love and affection is often ignored and a mother’s love and care is standardized as the most effective factor in a child’s development. This stands false as a father’s love is as important as a mother.  In a child’s personality development, the father plays a bigger role and also, in spiritual tunings.

Let us see how a dad impacts a new born baby girl.


PHASE 1 [0 – 6 MONTHS]

  • A mother and a newborn baby start bonding long before even the baby is born because of obvious reasons as the baby grown inside her womb. This does not mean that the she ignores her beloved daddy’s Researches have proven that a baby is capable of hearing low-frequency voices well while she is inside the womb. So all those bump chats will pay off as she takes notes from inside! (winks)
  • Since one cannot have verbal communication with a newborn, the best form of communication is through touch. Skin to skin contact between the newborn are absolutely essential to bridge the communication gap. By indulging in touch communication, the babygirl will understand her daddy’s your feel and smell and will automatically connect with him.
  • The best way is if you can rope him in to participate in the breastfeeding session as it is considered as one of the most effective ways of strengthening bonds. If he supports you while you breastfeed, researches show that you will be able to breastfeed milk for a longer time.


PHASE 2 [6 – 12 MONTHS]

Daddy's impact on an newborn

  • Mothers are undeniably the greatest source of comfort and ease for a child but fathers also play a very important role in providing security to a child. You and your partner will be your newborn’s favorites in the whole wide world and you must also keep in mind the blessing that for her you both are irreplaceable.
  • A newborn’s sense of humor starts to develop in around 8 months of age and studies have proven that a daddy plays a very impactful role in its success as he is the main source of amusement and unpredictable plays for her and is also her favorite playmate. You will note that her first giggles will always be a dad’s tickles on her tummy!
  • You will note that your newborn will surprisingly utter the word ‘dad’ when she first starts to speak but don’t be surprised. This is because the word dad is easy to pronounce as compared to mom and therefore, this will grant you a scene in which your partner is overflowing with pride and compassion at the same time.


PHASE 3 [12 – 18 MONTHS]

  • A baby girl bestows her trust in her dad and therefore, will be dependent on him for her very first steps. Her unsteady feet will be put to stability by a dad and around this very time you will likely see a lot of games pouring in.
  • When the babygirl is around 18 months old, she will start revealing her affection and love for others. At the same time, she will also be picky. You will see her shower kisses and hugs at a time and the other moment wanting to be left alone. A daddy will have to show his love regardless of her fickle choices so that he can be a great leader for her.



Daddy's impact on an newborn

  • This is the time for pre-nursery schooling and for your baby girl to be well equipped with sociable skills, alone daddy playtime is a must. A dad’s tonality is always well received by the child and she will always recognize it because it has a great impact on her life.
  • Within two years of age, your toddler will begin expressing her love for her father and you will see them spend a lot of time together. During this while, encourage daddy-only playtime and learning time as it will deliver great benefits in strengthening the overall relationship and bond between the two of them.


These are the insights into how a daddy impacts a newborn and why is it essential for the father to spend quality time the newborn in order to achieve a strong and great relationship with her.  The above mentioned tips is great for bonding and by practically applying these you will see, she really will be eating out of his hand in no time!



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