Are you a working woman and most of the time you need to step into the party venue directly after work? Are you often confused about how you will manage to look good? Don’t worry there are many ways that will make you stand out easily and not take much of your time after office, so that you are the first one to rock the dance floor. Below you find 10 tips for the dance party after work.

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  1. Day To Evening Bag: It is wise to invest in bags. Peppy colours are in and they will make even the neutral outfits pop up and you can carry them with the bright colours too! But you might not be able to carry bright colours in office so, choose a bag that has removable add – ons. There are special bags available that can be converted into an evening bag from a day bag by adding a shimmery pin or broach to it.


  1. Flats: Yes, you can wear them without giving a second thought. Heels may be special but flats make you stay comfortable on the dance floor and enjoy longer. Choose the flats that are embellished for a bright look and you can wear them for office too.


  1. Groom Your Brows: Haven’t you heard that the eyes talk? People often pay much attention to eye make-up but forget about the eyebrows. A simple change in the shape of your eyebrows can make you look far better. Get you eyebrows shaped according to your face cut and do not forget to groom and fill them properly before every party.


  1. Outfit: Wear an outfit that can be changed into a party outfit later such as a plain frill dress in white, black or blue. Pack a sparkling broad belt in your bag and wear it over your dress for the party after work. If you are a skirt lover, pack a neon colour skirt in your bag which can make even a simple black top stand out.


  1. Makeup: Revive your makeup by applying concealer under your eyes. Apply a fresh coat of mascara. Follow with a bright cream blush and dust a glowy powder over your face. Now dip your little finger in a shimmery eye shadow and put a dot on the center of the eyelid. Put high shine gloss on your lips and you are ready to rock the dance floor. You can also invest in buying the colourful creamy formulas that can be used on different parts such as eyes, lips and cheek. They serve as eye shadow, lipstick and blush. These are both money and space saving.


  1. Accessories: You can find very pretty options for watches which are no less than a jewellery piece. They can be worn to office and for the party too. Wear them solo to keep it non-fussy yet stylish. You can also pack a glittering neck piece that you can wear for the party. Switch your regular finger rings with those with colourful gems. They will not look odd at workplace and make a style statement in the evening.


  1. Consider Wearing Faux Fur: Fur can make you look glamorous. How about a faux fur muffler or jacket? They look good at work and on the dance floor too.


  1. Bold Red Lips: If you really don’t have much time, wash off your day lipstick and pop up your look with bold red lipstick.


  1. Glossy Hair: Pack a hair spray that adds high shine and sleekness to your hair. If you don’t have much time to spend on the makeup or outfit, make yourself look glamorous with shiny hair. A secured high shiny ponytail with two three loosely waving fringes can also make you look stylish at both the places.


  1. Smokey eye: Highlight your eyes and you are almost there. Just grab a shadow pencil and draw a thin line along the lower and upper lash. Smudge it outward with your fingertip keeping it dark and intense at the roots.

I hope these very easy to follow tips help you working women out there to look glamorous and shake your legs with confidence on the dance floor. See you in next post!

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Vineeta Sinha, the owner and president of Vineeta Constructions Co. is a writer and blogger at heart. An economics graduate, the talented writer has been in the writing industry for years. When asked about how she manages the two very different professions, she says, “Construction business is what me and my husband who is a civil engineer dreamt of together and I am glad we succeeded but writing is something I have been doing years before I stepped into the construction world. I was very young when I realized that there was a hidden passion for writing in me and I unveiled it through my school magazine for the very first time and there has been no looking back since then. Though construction contributes more in running my world, writing is something that completes me.”