Dandruff free hair – Top 4 tips

Dandruff free hair – Top 4 tips

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More than 50% of today’s women suffer from dandruff and that is mainly due to the unhealthy lifestyle they lead. Dandruff is irritating as it makes the scalp itchy and it can be really embarrassing when theseflakes become visible from outside. Dandruff might damage the scalp completely by making it either dry or greasy. It can also lead to other skin problems like acne, rashes and pimples thereby affecting your self-esteem as well.

But there is nothing to worry about as we have come up with some really cool tips and products that can help to get rid of dandruff and also prevent them from coming back.

  • Change your comb or brush

Dandruff free hair – Top 4 tips

The hairbrush or comb can be the cause to many hair related problem and hence, if you are suffering from dandruff, change your comb/brush to see any changes. Hair is very delicate and rough combing can cause blisters on your scalp and that might lead to some kind of infection. Basic hygiene is very important. Wash your comb regularly in warm water and antiseptic. This will keep the brush clean and also kill any infection. It is also important that you do not share your hair equipments and accessories with anyone.


  • Use less of styling products

Gels and lotions that are available in the market contain chemicals and these are really harmful for your hair and scalp. These act as a barrier and prevent water and air from entering your scalp. The scalp sweats during the summers and do not dry up as the air cannot enter owing to these barriers. The scalp gets infected and results in honeycomb dandruff.


  • Keep your hair and scalp clean

Wash your hair regularly to keep it clean. Use shampoo to remove the dirt present in the hair and on the scalp. If you are a working woman, shampoo your hair regularly. Go for a shampoo that is gentle and mild and contains almond oil and soy protein. Almond oil helps to get rid of the dandruff and soy protein works by nourishing the scalp.


  • Go for products that contain rosemary essence

Dandruff free hair – Top 4 tips

If dandruff still remains, then it is time to use a product that is strong. Rosemary is known to naturally combat dandruff. It works by stimulating the follicles and prevents the drying of hair and thereby dandruff. These are the three ways of using this product:

  • Wash your hair with a shampoo that contains rosemary oil. Check the label for the ingredients and you will come across quite a few in the market like the VLCC dandruff-control shampoos. Rosemary oil and methanol can cure dandruff effectively.
  • Do not forget to condition your hair after shampoo. There are conditioners available in the market that contains rosemary extracts and it is best to go for these.
  • Use rosemary oil to massage your scalp with your fingers and give yourself a hot towel wrap.

All these would help to get rid of your dandruff and prevent reoccurrence as well.


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