How to Date a Cancer Man? Tips and Advice!

What is love without romance, right? Have you ever felt the lack of romance has ruined a relationship for you? So, you will obviously want your next beau to know Shakespeare by heart. But do men like that exist? They sure do! Rejoice, for you will find this man in your nearest Cancer! But like the popular line from the TV show Once Upon a Time, “Magic always comes with a price”. If you think you will walk into the sunset on your white horse with your knight in shining armor, you have another thing coming. With the right knowledge about him, you can get the relationship you deserve. Here are some tips on how to make your dream of dating the Cancer man come true.

dating a cancer man

Cancer Men in Relationships

His moods change with the turn of the moon. So, while he will be the perfect lover one night. He will be your worst nightmare the next. Keep an eye on which phase of the moon he is in when you are trying to make a move. He will always be ready to listen to your deepest concerns. And don’t worry, he isn’t going to reveal your secrets. But don’t expect him to bare your soul to you. That will not happen for a long time. Sometimes, it doesn’t ever happen.

He will flirt with you and he will make you laugh. But he will also cut you off or make you question your relationship. Nothing’s changing between you two. These are just his lunar spells taking over his soul. This is the price you have to pay for the love you will receive. If there’s one thing you should always remain prepared for is being compared to his mother. The Cancer man will always hold his mother to very high regard. And every woman who enters his life shall be compared to those standards. If you really want to go the distance with this one, impress his mother first.

Early Stages of Dating a Cancer Man

 first date with a cancer man

 If you have your eyes set on a Cancer man, you have to play this right. Well, to begin with, always remember that he is a sensitive man. So, at no point should he feel like you are not interested. If he does then when you are ready, he’ll be gone. The men born under this zodiac sign take rejection very seriously. If he feels like you are not in it, he won’t think twice about it. Don’t be direct about your attraction either. He will be freaked out if you go up to him and tell him that you love him. Try to be subtle in the beginning. Give him time to get used to the idea of your love for him.

When you feel like the two of you are in a comfortable place, ask him out. He might ask you out first. But if you have to then you need to bring your A game to the date. Choose a romantic place to go out to. A restaurant with a beautiful view, a sight-seeing adventure, anything that has love in its air. Don’t be shy about making your affection for him known.

Now that you are out on a date, he’s comfortable with direct communication of love. So, flirt with him, laugh at his jokes, make your first date and the subsequent dates romantic. He believes that a woman should be classy. And there’s your cue. Wear something classy in the shades of Pale green, mauve and lavender.

Cancer Man in Bed

Cancer men don’t indulge in sex just for the physical pleasure. To them, it is an experience. So, he won’t be getting into the bed with you on the first date. He needs his time and you have to respect that. It won’t be a very long time gap. But he might seem slower than most guys. The decent ones at least. When you do get to that stage, make sure you play it right. For starters, know that foreplay is very important. He doesn’t just jump into it, he likes to build the atmosphere. Bad foreplay can even put him out of his mood.

Be sure of your needs and desires. He wants this to be an experience for both you and him. So, he would like it if you tell him what you want. Don’t keep him guessing. If you want to date a Cancer man, have sex with him only if you love him. He doesn’t take this lightly. So, if you feel like you aren’t in love with him, he will sense it. That will ruin his memory of sexual relationship with you forever. When your sexual relationship begins, he will want to try new things. Always be open to experimentation with him. That is really important to him. However, you can always let him know if you are not comfortable with something. But overall, you will never find a gentler, more caring partner in bed than he is.

Cons of Dating a Cancer Man

 cons of dating cancer men

 Dating him is like a dream. So, naturally, the dream will end when you wake up. that is when the problems begin. I can’t repeat this enough. His mood swings will be a problem. One moment he will be happy as a clam. The next he will be unrecognizable. You will have to weather it out if you hope to be with him forever. If you don’t get along with his mother, you won’t have a very happy relationship. No matter how hard you try, no woman can ever come close to her mother. He can live with your not being like her. But he can’t bear it if the two of you don’t get along.

He isn’t as innocent as he appears. Cancer men can be manipulative. He will use subtle tricks that you won’t even recognize. And you won’t even realize when you started doing his bidding. All that romance comes at the cost of privacy and space. He is a very clingy lover. He is the kind of guy that would like nothing more than being joined at the hip with you. He can be like that girlfriend on TV that everyone hates because she expects too much. And more importantly, he can be ridiculously jealous and possessive. He needs to know that you are his and his alone. So, any time someone seems to challenge that, he will react.

Cancer Men in Long Distance Relationships

The simple answer to the question of whether he can do an LDR is NO. Long distance relationships were not made for Cancer men. They are very physical beings and the presence of their partner around them is very important. Not being able to see their lover daily becomes problematic. If he really is into you, he will promise to stay true to the relationship. But soon he will begin to realize how difficult it is for him. Not sharing life with his partner will kill the relationship.

You might feel like things are ok in the beginning. But his trust issues itself will cause strife. The best thing for you to do is not fool yourself. If you can manage to meet him at least once a week, then you still have hope. The hope of seeing you at the end of the week will be very strong. However, if you can’t manage that, then end it while you can.




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