How to Date a Gemini Man? Tips and Advice!

If you ever wondered what it must be like to date two people at the same time: date a Gemini. But the sense of adventure is accompanied by collateral damage. This will not be a warm, fussy romance with romantic security. He can be as unpredictable as the weather. If you learn to ride the storm, there is no better companion. You are in for a life of fun and excitement. The adrenaline rush will always be high when the two of you are together. And once you learn to keep up with him, you wouldn’t want to leave him. Ready to jump off of the chopper? Who knows, you might just learn how to fly?

dating a gemini man

Gemini Men in Relationships

Linda Goodman puts being in a relationship with a Gemini man perfectly: “It’s true that when you’re in love with a Gemini, you won’t walk alone. You most certainly won’t. You’ll have at least two people to walk with you and both of them will be him”. His life is full of contradictions. He will be telling you how perfect you are one day. Then the next he’ll criticize the shoes you are wearing. You will always be trying to figure out what he is really thinking.

If you are someone who loves to spend her time around intellectuals, then you will love his company. You will be surprised at how much he knows about so many things. But if there’s one thing no one can accuse him of, is duplicity. Whatever he shows you is the truth. Yes, he is prone to lying every now and then. But those are not lies that he is aware of. It’s only alternative truth which he is completely innocent of mistaking for truth. He’s looking for someone who can make him better. Someone from whom and about whom he learns something new each day. So long as you don’t let things stagnate, he’ll be yours forever.

How to Ask a Gemini Man Out?

With so many complications surrounding him, it gets tough to touch the right chords. If you have set your heart on him, allow me to help you get your first date. First of all, be quick about it. The more time you waste, the sooner someone else will pounce on him. If you have captured his interest it won’t stay for long. So, act fast. Now, never approach him when he is surrounded by admirers. When he is in his element he doesn’t have time to think of much beyond himself. Also, that will be an opportunity for him to see how many options he will be rejecting should he choose to be with a single person.

Don’t plan too much with him. He is a fan of spontaneity. Your ability to be quick on your feet will attract him more. So, the next time you see him alone, go for it. His love for spontaneity is followed by his love for taking risks. He sees you putting yourself out there will in itself be attractive to him. Don’t hesitate. He’s not the guy who will hate you if you are bold. If you are still trying to get his attention, then discuss common interests. Your similarity to his likes and dislikes will attract him. This will make it easier for you to ask him out.

First Date with the Gemini Man

first date with gemini man 

 Well, now that you have got your first date, the work begins. Keep in mind that he has a very short attention span. So, you need to nail this date. Unlike the Taurus man, he likes variety. Planning a host of things to do on your first date will add to your impression. Try to opt for as intimate an atmosphere as possible. He gets distracted by the presence of an audience. Soon you will see him talking to strangers and that is what the rest of your date will be like. Which bring us to keeping things exciting. He will be up for anything, so long as it isn’t something boring. Try to get as much adventure into your plans as possible. Even if you go on a dinner date make sure you don’t let any moment get boring.

Again, don’t plan and stick to it. Try to be as random as possible. In fact, don’t plan anything at all. Ask him what he feels like doing and go for it. If he doesn’t have any answers, go with your gut. Dress sexy, no matter what type of date you are going for. But look good and comfortable in what you wear. His colors of choice are clear yellows, greens, and blues, silver and gray.

What Does a Gemini Man Like in a Woman?

So, what should you do to make him go crazy? What is he looking for in a woman he wants to date? To begin with, you need to be social and attractive. By attractive, I don’t necessarily mean physically attractive. That is a contributing factor. But your ability to blend into a crowd of strangers matters more to him. A woman with a dull personality will never be able to attract a Gemini man.

He needs a partner with an interesting personality. Have passions and interests that you can talk about. Learn more and do more, if you want to be the woman of his dreams. But at the same time, he doesn’t have the stomach for drama. You need to be relaxed and easy-going. If you pound him with too much, he might retaliate. He might love you a lot, but that doesn’t give you the right to invade his private space. He is looking for a woman who is comfortable giving him his space. He needs to run his life the way it was. Your presence shouldn’t turn his world upside down in a negative way.

How Does a Gemini Man Express Love?

 gemini man express love

 With all his inconsistencies it can get difficult to pick up the signs. Signs that he has fallen in love with you. Can you differentiate between a child and a teenager? Clearly, everyone can. So, you have probably already classified his behavior as childlike. A Gemini man in love expresses it in a very boyish manner. He is no longer childish about his desires. He’ll blush when he flirts. He’ll try hard to make you laugh. He will be the material of teenage rom-com. He will start spending a lot more time with you. When he can’t be physically present around you, he’ll text or call. He will dedicate as much of his time with you as possible.

You will even get to meet his family if he is serious about your relationship. Gemini men don’t take family meetings lightly. So, you have to know he’s serious when he introduces you to them. He will be chattier than usual. The difference is not very stark to those who don’t know him well. But his lifted spirits will make him even more outgoing.  He’ll strike up a conversation with even strangers from the streets. And he’ll become more private about his relationship. He will try to keep other out of the way as much as he can. So, while you will know all his friends and family, he will prefer to hang out with you, without them.


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