Dating mantras

dating Mantras

Increase Intimacy and Revive your Love with these Exciting Dating Mantras

India has still not actively inculcated the dating culture like the west but of course, it has come a long way.  Usually, dating is a part of the honeymoon period in a relationship but you should know that dating isn’t just meant for new lovers. You can and you should plan dates to not let your relationship lose its lustre. Here are four kinds of dates you should definitely indulge in to get your relationship out of the rut.


  • The After Battle Date

Fights are common when you are in a relationship. Nothing helps dissolves the strain after a fight than a little wit and humor. Book tickets to your favorite stand-up comedian’s gig and witness how sharing small laughs followed by a nice long drive makes both feel lighter and better. Or plan an enticing movie date pre-lunch to just relax and spend some quality time.


  • The Reminiscence Date

Revival is very important to keep a relationship going. Often relationship becomes numb and lifeless, especially if there are constant ups and downs. In such cases, reminding each others of the fond memories and the gala days becomes essentially important. Just decide to relive the old days. Spend the weekend walking through the corridors and eating at the same food joints or going to the same old parks. Also, try swapping your teenage stories to feel a little more connected with each passing time.


  • The Travel Date

dating Mantras

Plan a short trip to some visually retreating place that your partner aspires of visiting. The surprise can turn out as a blessing for both. Travelling reveals and opens hearts of people in a way that is not possible on regular days. Plan a week holiday with your partner. Spending 3-4 hours is easy and all dream-like but spending few days will get you both in touch with the reality and open up to the serenity of your relationship.


  • The Documentary Date

It has been more than a year since you are dating and you have dealt with all the weathered storms, ridden through the ups and downs and have reached to a point where you feel like home with your partner. Plan a day-long date with simple things such as a game of bowling followed by a simple dinner and end it with a long drive. And, most importantly document it to create digital memories to make it last a lifetime. Even if you are a private person, sometimes it is good to treat unchartered territories.


Give your relationship an interesting route by going on dates as it can be really exciting for the lovers. Love isn’t something that has to be kept within, it should be shared between the lovers and dates are certainly one of the best ways of expressing the love you feel for your partner. So gear up and plan a date and don’t forget to share a good kiss in the end (winks)!


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