How to deal with breakup when you are an introvert?

How to deal with breakup when you are an introvert?

Introverts have a hard time moving on, for they are unable to go out like extroverts, make new friends, enjoy life and forget all about the cares of the world. Introverts stay secluded, cloaked in their own sorrow, trying to get rid of the unbearable pain of losing a dear one.

But did you know that being an introvert is the prequel to moving on and getting a fresh start for yourself? Here we have the best guide to moving on from a tough breakup for an introvert!


Wake Up!

Stop being so gloomy. Stop sulking. You have had a breakup, but it’s not the end of the world. You need to relax and breathe in the situation.


Accept What Has Happened

How to deal with breakup when you are an introvert?

Acceptance is the key to moving on. You have got to accept what has happened and learn to live with the fact that this is a normal phenomenon – loving and getting your heart broken.


Let Go Peacefully

Ask your friends not to pester you about it too much, it only gets worse with more worries. Let go peacefully, don’t be in conflict with yourself. Forgive the person for letting you go, forgive yourself for you are not the one to blame.


“Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.”

How to deal with breakup when you are an introvert?

Once you are at peace with yourself and the person who has done you wrong, it’s time to stop torturing your sweet brain over the pain of losing someone. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to grieve on your own, but it’s not okay to be stuck in the same place. Don’t make yourself suffer for all the wrong reasons, you are wasting your valuable energy that could be focused on doing wonders!


Meditation and Introspection

This is the best exercise for your mind right now – To meditate so that serenity prevails in the body and mind. And to reflect on one’s life, to give it a deeper, more purposeful meaning. It’s time you find yourself instead of looking for your better half.


The Power of Imagination

How to deal with breakup when you are an introvert?

Use your sorrow and imagination to create! Paint your heart out, write poetry, read books, DIY, watch a lot of movies, get inspired, make art! The world is at your feet and time is all yours now. Spend it in the most positive and efficient way possible.


Only in solitude will you gain wisdom, acquire knowledge and understand the deepest cracks of life.



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