How to deal with a dominating partner?

A majority of us have grown-up seeing our father as the ‘man of the house’. But are you in love with a person who claims to be the ‘man of the relationship’ as well?

How to deal with a dominating partner?

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Do you find yourself trapped behind the bars of your partner’s orders? He might love you with all his heart but only till you let him have the control in his hand. Is his dominating nature just out of concern or does he actually take pride in overpowering you?


Being in a relationship where all you need to do is say ‘yes’ to whatever your partner says can be frustrating as hell and a big slap to your individuality. If you’ve gone fed up of your partner’s dominating nature, these tips might just help you in putting an end to the mental torture.


  • Try to find out the reason behind this attitude of his


Talk to him and get to know him better. Every action has a proper reasoning behind it. If he dominates you only when it comes to your connections with some other guy, it clearly means that he is insecure about you. You could win over his trust and assure him that there shouldn’t be any room for jealousy. If he dominates you only when he is concerned about you, you could let him be sure that you can take care of yourself. Once you know the reason, it’d get easier for you to find the solutions as well. [Read: How to communicate with your partner?]


  • Seek help from a person, he is most likely to listen to

How to deal with a dominating partner?

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That person could be anyone, a friend or a family member, whoever you partner finds worth listening to. You can ask him/ her to be your savior and seek his/her help to make your partner understand that he needs to do something about his dominating behavior. If there’s no such help within the known circle, you could reach out to professional help as well.


  • Show him that you too have leadership qualities


In a majority of cases, people tend to dominate because they think that they are wiser, more reasonable and better decision-makers. Probably your partner doesn’t think of you as a mature person who is eligible enough to handle it all by herself. You need to let him know that you could lead not only yourself but others too, as a matter of fact. Once he is convinced that you are more sensible than him, may be he would surrender and let you live your life on your terms.


  • Don’t let him see your vulnerable side

How to deal with a dominating partner?

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Once he knows that you’re weak, he’d obviously try to make you feel weaker so that he can have his way easily. Hold on to your emotions and don’t let them overflow before him. Tell him how much it bothers you when he tries to dominate and make sure to have logic in your arguments. Your strong and confident persona would intimidate your partner and he’d think twice before trying to manipulate you.


  • Beware of his weapon he uses to dominate you


Some use emotional blackmail while some use anger as their weapons. You need to recognize what your partner’s tool for dominating is. Whenever you feel that he is trying to brainwash your mind, react exactly opposite of what he could assume. Don’t fall prey to his strategies.


  • Prove him wrong…but logically

How to deal with a dominating partner?

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Action speaks louder than words. If he says that you cannot do something, do it and let him know that he could be wrong too. Let his superiority complex shatter because once he comes to know that he couldn’t be the ‘Mr. Right’ all the time, he’d start to respect your opinions too.


  • Prevention is always better than cure


If you’re falling for a person who intends to lead you in every walks of life, better have a clear-and-cut conversation with him before you take things a step ahead. Because staying away from a dominating partner is way better than letting yourself get blinded by love and going through such articles later.



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