How to deal with your partner’s silent abuse?

How to deal with your partner's silent abuse?

Silent treatment from your partner is a kind of emotional abuse and it is a despicable trick to control a situation in terms of keep going in a relationship. For the sake of personal dignity as well as to keep self-esteem maintained, we need to learn the tricks of dealing with partner’s silent abuse.

Silent abuse can harm physically also. It kills normal sleep pattern, destroys peace of mind, urge to eat as well as to socialize. From the point of healthy living also it is important to learn the mastery to deal with partner’s noiseless mistreatment.


Find out the reason behind silent treatment

Everything has a reason behind. You have to understand that there must be a reason behind your partner’s silent abuse. Once you can sort out that issue, the conflict behind the mistreatment can be terminated forever. However, if this is a specific character of your partner then it is better to learn the pattern and then not to react on it.


Ignore the misbehaviour if it is a recurring one

How to deal with your partner's silent abuse?

There are some instances where your partner may find this treatment a shortcut to convince a situation of emotional abuse. In this case, discussion about the issue may not bring good result. It is better in these cases to ignore the matter.

Once you will overlook the silent abuse from your partner, he will be disappointed. Gradually when he will be sure that you are not attentive to his misbehaviour, he will come up with his problem or he will stop misbehaving.



How to deal with your partner's silent abuse?

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Confidence, self-reliance, and self-assessment are important for keeping a relationship lively. If you are facing the problem of silent treatment frequently from your partner, there might be some downfall in your part too. Practising meditation is a holistic way to gain clarity over your own mindset. Introspect sincerely if there is anything in your communication that is disturbing/irritating your partner. If possible, try to mend that gap to get the problem solved forever. Do not let ego to win over your heart. [Read: Meditate to combat daily struggles]


Useful tips to stop partner’s silent abuse

You can follow a few general suggestions to stop partner’s silent abuse without taking much trouble on your side.

  • Keep on reminding yourself that your partner has to be cooperative in explaining you the issue causing the problem unless you two have not discussed it before.
  • Do not try to guess/read your partner’s mind: maybe you are wrong and your wrong guess will jeopardise the matter,
  • Never ever give back the same silent treatment: don’t try to be too nosy too about his behaviour. Be open so that if he wants, he can
  • Do not withdraw your attention from your partner. After all, if you know he loves you, he will be back to you, today or tomorrow. Wait patiently!
  • Do not provoke your partner. This will cause more resentment in the relationship. Instead, behave normally and keep a slight distance to fight emotional abuse. This distance maintaining will help your partner to realize that you honour his privacy.
  • Do not neglect yourself during this turmoil. If you be upset, this may make your partner uneasy and he may consider that you are trying to poke him emotionally. Be at your normal self and meanwhile take care of your health, diet, home décor, and regular household tasks along with your work amicably.

It is important to deal positively with your partner’s silent abuse because it is a type of domestic violence and it is a kind of torture. Do not allow your loved one to act like an immoral. Sort out the issue as fast as possible and help your relationship to be a cherishing and fulfilled one.



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