Way to go! Deepika Kumari

Way to go! Deepika Kumari

Deepika Kumari, a 21-year-old, in the Olympic year- 2012, in the London Games, excelled to the extent that brought her in the No. 1 position in the World Archery rankings.


A 100 days to Rio Olympics – Wednesday, 27th April – she once again set a world record equal to the total in the women’s recurve event of the Archery World Cup which had been held in Shanghai.

Deepika Kumari has won the Commonwealth Games gold medal twice. She equaled Ki Bo (Bae of Korea), the London Olympics gold-medalist by shooting 686 in the 72-arrow ranking round.


It was comparatively less competitive, as Korea had sent a troop of juniors and cadets. But it took a lot of effort and luck for Deepika to come at par with the world record score. The Koreans were first runner-up.

Way to go! deepika Kumri


She was in fact, 3 points ahead of the mean for the world record, midway. She was on fire, although close to the end, she might have faltered a little, but she covered up in the last three rounds deftly.


“The fact that it was a record wasn’t really on my mind. I just shot,” said Deepika reported by World Archery.

“I don’t have any expectations for this week. I just want to give my best. But I’m confident about the rest of the year.”


She gave her best. Not with setting world record solely in her mind, but with giving her best shot being her ultimate motive. She genuinely strived to be where she is right now.

Way to go! Deepika Kumari
Being Indians, it is our responsibility to cheer extremely talented women like Deepika Kumari on.

She deserves all the recognition India and the rest of the world can offer to her.


A standing ovation for being so brave and confident, Deepika. For not losing hope, for believing in yourself, for chasing your dreams till you could finally feel them in your hands, for setting an example for all of us, women – That we can all make our dreams come true, all we need to do is try. Thank you for inspiring us! We wish you an outpouring of success and triumph in the near future! All the best to youJ



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