Different body type – Select perfect blouse

A saree is a flattering piece of garment which complements any body type. With the changing times the sari too has evolved and the same can be said of the blouses as well which are available in a variety of designs nowadays. A well fitted blouse that complements one’s body type makes one look exceedingly attractive but one should be aware of one’s body type before choosing a blouse for a blouse that is out of sync with our body type will completely ruin our look. If you are wondering about your body type we are sure the below mentioned list will definitely help you to lay hands on that perfect blouse which will amply complement you.

Top-heavy Figure

It’s a wonderful thing that you have been endowed with some great assets buts sometimes these assets can become a source of embarrassment when you put on that blouse which is at complete variance with your body type. Buxom women need to tone down the look by drawing attention away from their assets and this can be achieved by wearing light blouses which doesn’t make you look too heavy. Stay away from embellished blouses as these will add to an already full bosom. Also avoid deep necklines.

Small-busted Figure

Small-busted women can go for different styles but a blouse which would give them a fuller look would be simply perfect. Small busted women can wear padded blouses or blouses in heavy materials such as tussar, velvet, brocade etc. Wearing blouses that are heavily embellished on the front part is also a good idea as this would give a fuller look.

Broad-shouldered Figure

Broad –shouldered women sometimes wear wrong blouses which end up making them look broader than they already are. To draw attention away from the broad shoulders, women with this body type should stick to wearing short sleeves with broad necklines. Additionally they can wear deep cut blouses and expose a bit of their well-toned back.

Slim-athletic Figure

Women with this body type needn’t worry at all as no matter whatever they wear they are bound to look good. Women with athletic figures can experiment with various blouse designs and choose from the wide options available such as noodle straps, halter blouses, corset blouses etc. All they have to do is find a good tailor who can stitch that perfect blouse.

Voluptuous Figure

Voluptuous women will look good in full-sleeved or quarter-sleeve blouses as these take away the attention from the arms and the upper body. Investing in lighter fabrics and ones will less embroidery is a smart decision. Women will voluptuous figures can however wear low neck blouses and let their backs do all the talking.

Thus the next time round you go on a blouse-shopping spree, be aware of these tips and buy a blouse which highlights your best feature. We are sure your friends will go green with envy at your perfectly turned out look.


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