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Ho!Ho!Ho! Christmas is here! We celebrate Christmas all around the world with sweets, cakes and merry making carols. Kids celebrate Christmas in good faith to meet their Santa uncle and receive gifts from them.

And obviously the snowy feel, the beautiful and colorful decorations and the ornamental Christmas tree, all of them enliven in us the X-mas merry making spirit!

Here’s a beautiful DIY that you can make with your kids or younger siblings for this Christmas. It’s easy, quick and fun!


Stuff that you will need :

  1. Mason jar
  2. Fake snow
  3. Glitter flakes or simple glitter powder
  4. Kids Christmas toys (Tree, Santa miniature or anything that you like)
  5. Ribbons
  6. Magnet
  7. LED candle
  8. Stars( Decorative/ glowing/ any that you like)


**You can find all of the above stuff easily in a art and craft store or try buying it online with e-commerce stores such as eBay, blitsy.


Procedure :

  1. Pour the fake snow in to the mason jar. First a fine layer and then creating hill kind of projection.
  2. Arrange the Christmas toys in order to create a scenic view. Like a Christmas tree, Santa and a small hut.
  3. Keep this aside. Make sure all the stuff is fixed nicely to stay in place.
  4. Take the jar lid. And stick 3-4 strings on it. Stick glitter stars on the end of these strings.
  5. Keep this aside to dry.
  6. Place a magnet at the bottom of a LED candle. This should stick right to the battery compartment.
  7. Take this fixture and stick it on the inside of jar lid. In the center or side, wherever you would want it to be.
  8. Sprinkle some glitter powder in the jar itself.
  9. Close the jar with the lid. (None of the stuff, you stuck on the lid, should fall off)
  10. Tie ribbons around the jar lid.
  11. Turn off the lights and let the glow lantern spread it’s charm.


P.S : You can make 3-4 of these lanterns and place them around the room on the X-mas night.

How about making different scenes in this lantern depicting your kid’s favorite Santa story??

You can use them after Christmas, by replacing the toys with your kid’s favorite cartoon toys!

Try your own twist and send us the results!













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