Sure, there is a splurge of gifts and gifting ideas all over the web and market, as valentine’s day is approaching! And everybody is looking for a unique idea, which is new and special!

You have gifts like clothes, watches, accessories and gadgets! And then you have an entire range of gifts like photo mugs, albums, certificates and scrapbooks! We have a special idea for you and your love this valentine’s day!

Everybody is sharing things, and memories through gifts. We say, share a moment! A moment of special memory making!

All you will need is:

  • A canvas sheet or two!
  • 2 different paint colors. ( Poster color or fabric color)
  • A marker pen.
  • A camera with self timer(Mobile phone camera will do.)
  • And you both!

What you need to do :

Ok! It’s really simple. Place your camera on video mode and set it on a self timer to start after 20-30 seconds.

Place the canvas sheet on the floor .

Now take a paint color each and start painting each other’s palm with different color! (You just have to paint palm of anyone hand of your partner.) You can paint his palm with your favorite color and vice versa!

Now, together imprint an impression of your hands on the canvas sheet, close to each other.

Write a message, below your palm imprints, for each other.

Get this sheet framed and gift each other as a token of your love! You can make two such canvas sheets, so that both of you have it!

And obviously you have a soft copy being recorded in the camera which is a beautiful gift of remembrance forever!

P.S : You can make it more fun by painting it on your partner’s nose and clicking pictures! Now that’s a perfect memory to keep! Try our idea and let us know your experience!










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Shrutika is a young writer who strongly believes in the power of words. She writes short stories, poetry, and blog articles. Her work is published in various lifestyle magazines, blogs and websites.