DIY winter moisturizer


The cosmetic industry has shown a huge boom all over the world. Beauty products, for almost every part of the body have been innovated, researched and developed. Also, the cosmetic industry has shown a major shift in it’s audience! Yes, not only women but men have shown huge interest towards cosmetics in last some years. But with, the increasing craze for beauty and looks, the usage of harmful chemicals has also increased. Most of the high-end beauty products are chemically constituted and the affordable ones are poorly laden with parabens, and other preservatives that are not healthy for skin.

This has given rise to the new sector of cosmetics industry, that is the DIY industry. Many premium and renowned brands have come up with a new line of organic, extra virgin products that are fairly natural and naive to supplement your skin. These products are comparatively expensive and unaffordable for the common.

What rescues is, DIY at home! with the ingredients that you trust and conform to. Here’s one such DIY product that will help you beat the dry skin this winter.


  • Glycerine
  • Lemon juice
  • Rosehip oil
  • Water


  • A mixing boil
  • Whisker
  • A flask


  • Add 100 ml water to the mixing bowl.
  • Pour in it, 75 ml glycerine. Whisk the mixture until it blends well, which shall take some time.
  • Add freshly extracted lemon juice. 2 tablespoon. Again mix well.
  • Pour the mixture into the flask that will store your moisturizer for daily use.
  • Add 6-8 drops of rosehip oil. Cork up the flask and shake it well.
  • Remove the cork and add some fresh rose petals.


And you are ready with the perfect moisturizer for this winter. Remember, if you have an oily skin you can lower down the proportion of glycerine in the recipe.

Also for extra dry skin, you can replace the rosehip oil with sweet almond oil.

However, those with normal skin can use this DIY moisturizer as it is. As it promotes even complexion and potent nourishment to the skin. This moisturizer can be used by both men and women!



Shrutika A.