Do vitamins for hair really work?

It cannot be stressed enough as how pollution and stress wreak havoc on the body. But, it is not possible to avoid both of these completely. What we can do is control how much protection we take against these damaging factors and how well we sustain ourselves. The only way to attain this is through supplementing your body with proper nutrition and nourishment. Again, who has the time to sit and enjoy a proper and healthy meal? It is not possible to count your nutrients as easily as counting calories. The nutrition requirements for men are different from women so the same food cannot work on both. This is where multivitamin supplements comes in. Supplements provide your body with the required multivitamins and minerals and are available for men and women separately. Currently, Purayati is considered to be the provider of best multivitamin for men and women.

But what about hair vitamins

Another growing concern is the effect of stress and pollution on your hair. No matter how much you oil or shampoo, or switch to herbal products, you cannot prevent hair fall and hair damage just by treating it from the outside. The same is applicable for nails too. now, it might be argued that both hair and nails are dead cells so how will vitamins help keep them strong like it does for the rest of the body so the answer is that these dead follicles and cells are embedded in living cells, the scalp for hair and the nail matrix for nails. To keep these living tissues healthy, you need vitamin for hair and nail.


The vitamins required for healthy hair

When talking about vitamins that help improve your hair health you are not only talking about a thicker and more luscious mane but also focusing on issues like dry scalp, dandruff, itching, and improves the overall texture of the hair. The required vitamins are:

  • B-complex vitamins – composed of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, these vitamins are rich in antioxidants and improves blood circulation. This leads to hair growth.
  • Biotin – another name for vitamin B, this vitamin focuses solely on the boosting of keratin which is an essential protein that strengthens hair and nails making them less brittle and less susceptible to breakage.
  • Vitamin A – a wonder vitamin, this is the main component of all beauty products be it for the skin or for your hair. This makes the hair grows faster and works on making the scalp healthy and prevent rashes.
  • Vitamin C – this promotes collagen that promotes longer and stronger hair.
  • Vitamin E – this anti-inflammatory and antioxidants vitamin improves immunity and promotes thicker hair. Heard of Indian gooseberry or amla as being the ultimate in hair growth? That contains vitamin e.
  • Vitamin D3 – studies have shown that this vitamin promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles which prevents rapid hair loss.


Are hair vitamins useful?

Vitamin supplements are not wonder drugs and they do not miraculously prevent hair fall or brittle hair but when taken in with your daily diet, these multivitamin tablets do improve the overall quality of the hair, skin, bones and also acts as blood purifiers and detox. Yes, a proper diet and adding these supplements to your daily intake will definitely work for the betterment of your well-being.

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