Eating salads and still becoming fat?



Do you feel fat? Are you on a diet? Eating salads and still becoming fat? Well, then maybe you should check your salad toppings! We have the mind-set that whenever we cut rice, flour or any carbohydrates and eat only salads we will lose weights. However, we do not pay much attention to the ingredients we are including in the salad. In this article we will talk about some toppings you add in your salad and it making you fat.


Dried fruits

Many people use dry fruits in their salad. The mainstream thought is that dry fruits will bring beneficial aspect like protein. However adding to its nutritive value, dry fruit also contains loads of sugar. Therefore contributes to fats and increases the sugar lever in your body.



We all love cheese and tend to include it in our salads. However cheese is very high on calories which are more likely to increase your fats. Instead of high caloric cheese you can put low fat cheese such as mozzarella or feta.


Mayo dressings

Eating salads and still becoming fat?

When we talk about mayo dressing, it does not only mean mayonnaise but also includes Caesar dressing, blue cheese and ranch. Healthier options are olive oil or vinaigrette.



Along with taste croutons also adds fats and carbohydrates to your salad. Therefore instead of using croutons you may use bread crumbs or pieces of biscuits. It will add taste and will be healthier.



Nuts the protein boost and a tasty crustiness! We do love it. However do not put glazed nuts or sugar coated ones in your salads. The latters have high caloric values and therefore will not contribute much a healthy diet. Instead you may use the plain nuts or the dry roasted ones or even the raw nuts. They are both tasty and healthy.



Eating salads and still becoming fat?

Last but not least, try to avoid putting deli meat in your salad. Deli meats refer to ham and sausages, which are processed meats. Instead use pieces of chicken. Another source of protein can be lentils or beans.



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