If he doesn’t do these 5 things often, he isn’t crazy enough about you

Love can be expressed in various forms. It’s quite different for different people actually. As long as you understand and feel the emotions, whatever be the mode of action, it’s always a good thing. But sometimes, men can be confusing in their actions because of the fact that they aren’t naturally wired to multi task. While this is stands the risk of generalisation, but that’s what science backs too. If your man multi- tasks well, you are lucky enough. But for those of you who are confused about his real emotions, things can be crazy unless some clarity is had. What separates your man from your close circle and well wishers is the way he treats you differently than others. His gestures will always be more special and the love and support will perhaps be the only thing that you will desire when you are in a relationship. Here are a few things that he will do more often if he loves you enough. If he doesn’t, then he surely isn’t as crazy about you.

If he doesn't do these 5 things often, he isn't crazy enough about you

He makes you feel beautiful


If a man is crazy about you, he will find everything beautiful about you. He would never ever think of comparing you with some other woman.  He will embrace all your flaws and never make you feel like there is something wrong about you. He still stares at you like he did the first time he met you. It always feels like he can never have enough of you. If you come across someone who pinpoints all your flaws and mistakes every single time, then he isn’t as accepting as you believe him to be. No matter the number of beautiful women around, he will still find you the best because he has so much admiration for who you are that he cannot think of anyone else.


Supports you

If he doesn't do these 5 things often, he isn't crazy enough about you

You might be a strong woman but there are times when even the strong need another shoulder for support. Kind words are sometimes enough if you man cannot be physically there to help you out. If he loves you, he will consider your dreams to be equally important just like his. If something matters to you, he will make the effort to support you regardless of the sacrifices that he would have to make to accommodate. He will push you towards achieving the best of your potential. If you falter he will be there to pick you up and support you to get better.


He engages with your family


The fact that your family means so much to you, he should consider them as important as you are to him. He should make the effort to know them and spend time with them. A guy who loves you will make every effort to do what gives you peace because your happiness and content in the relationship matter to him the most. If this means he will have to walk an extra mile to bridge the gaps or sweeten the our relationships with people in your family, he will never make a fuss about it and in fact help you ease out things. If he doesn’t make plans to visit your family or spend time with your cousins and siblings, he really doesn’t care about your core support system. And that is always a red flag.


He will do things you like


We are not talking about a humanised puppet here. By this we only mean that someone who is crazy about you would love to try out everything that you like. Even when he may not enjoy doing things that you like that much, he will still try and be a sport because he knows that this involves your happiness and he would never want to do something that spoils your mood. If sudden plans seem impulsive, he will still try and be there with you. After all, this says a lot about the efforts that he makes to be around you and for you.


He respects you always

If he doesn't do these 5 things often, he isn't crazy enough about you

Now there may be times when you never agree to what he says and vice versa. This doesn’t mean that we begin to take each other for granted and impose our whims and fancies on them. When a man is truly crazy about you, he will make sure that your opinions are not just heard but respected as well.  If he forgets respecting you not just in public but also in private, then there is nothing that he admires about you. He isn’t a keeper at all and you should find a way out of this relationship as soon as you can. You can certainly adjust to a few habits but not with wrong behaviour.


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