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What I’ve known of human beings, is how perfect they pretend to be even when- or should I say, especially when- they are not. We feel sad, angry, hurt, betrayed, and lonely even- and sometimes no amount of conversation with family and friends tends to lessen our woes.

Some of us- and I’m guilty of this too- are too afraid to share our issues with our loved ones, too- because we believe that adding to someone’s misery, by telling our own, is stupid- or, we are too concerned about being vulnerable.

Just recently, I attended a very informative workshop as a part of my psychology class- and I was surprised when 45 out of 60 of us, chose to support therapy as opposed to the other fifteen-including me- that were sceptical of it. I saw no point in paying someone a heap of money, to get things off your chest.

But, I’m happy to tell you, my view changed drastically by the end of it. I was also pretty ashamed of how heavily ignorant I was of this particular subject.

So, here are some reasons why no one must feel ashamed of going into therapy.

You are speaking to a professional.

Your problems, your issues with life are inevitably going to disturb your loved ones- they don’t like seeing you in pain- and sometimes in the emotional distress of it all, we tend to make worse decisions. But, when you speak to a professional, you’re are speaking to a neutral entity- someone with a logical standpoint, who might just provide you with a right solution to what’s bothering you, helping you clear out your clogged up brain.

It’s a judgment free zone.

Chances are your friends and family will have some serious opinions on what your issues are- those opinions can sometimes, create unnecessary tension. And, sometimes that friction causes you to question yourself, your opinions, even your self esteem- and that’s not alright. Having a healthy discussion, or sometimes not even a discussion- rather just talking senselessly does wonders.

Going into therapy can help you catch early signs of depression, anxiety and/or other mental health issues! Not to mention, you feel lighter- as if a load has been lifted off you!

Now, to the more serious stuff.

The workshop I attended was very informative, and we spoke to psychologists and psychiatrists and what one of the doctors there said to us, has really stuck with me. He said, and I attempt to quote, “We deal with mental health issues, sure, we may prescribe medicine to the patients we’re dealing with- but, in most cases I’ve noted that a real change or a real improvement in the patients is only after we’ve coaxed the negative out of them-all of it- after they’ve talked to us, after they are willing to accept that they are troubled. And isn’t that really the philosophy to life?”

I salute these doctors, because they deal with the horrors that haunt people- ranging from someone who has had a bad day, to a soldier who has PTSD, a woman who was raped, a little boy who has seen the light fade out of his parents’ eyes in a war stricken country, a teenager who has overdosed- having felt neglected and unworthy. A surgeon can bring your heartbeat back up, but a psychiatrist may help bring you back to your life.


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